By Zakaria 10/16/2019

If ur capital has ice on it's area moves ur Mooni toward it so u can spread the ice, cause Mooni can move 2 tiles if it's goes thru ice. If it's not then ur so unlucky!

Make Warrior on T0 and send it a different direction than ur Mooni.

The key for Polaris is to spread the ice and rush to ice bank.

The quickest way to spread ice is to make the Mooni do move, make ice then move to the new ice so u can make ice every two turns. A good direction is to move diagonally toward sea, cause when u freeze the corner u can freeze up to 5 tiles.

Don't bother research tech but wait till u find the village and have enough star to buy tech that can upgrade both the capital and the would be 2nd city. U must wait to claim the village till u have the tech to upgrade it.

If that 2nd city can be connected by outpost, don't research tech just claim it right away then put two outpost (one in the capital and one in the 2nd city) so that both can be upgraded to lvl 2.

Riding is good tech to have next cause a Rider can be running free in the ice and the tech is on the way to Trade.

Whether to get Road or get another lvl 1 tech is depend on ur maps, but generally keep ur economy strong (spt >= lvl 3 tech cost) so u can buy tech and unit easily.

Once u get Trade, Polarism is better than Ice Warfare cause those +1 moves on ice is way better than Ice Sled or mostly defense Ice Fortress.

Learn to maximize ur frozing capabilities,  cause frozen enemy units can't retaliate when attacked. If u met the enemies before u got Gammi or has enough Moonies, Ice Archer is worth the tech.

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