The Polytaur is a unit exclusive to the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ tribe. It is unlocked with the unique Tier One technology Forest Magic, which replaces Hunting. Polytaurs are created by enchanting a wild animal, turning it into a Polytaur. This costs 2 stars.

A Polytaur's head looks like that of the animal used to create it. When a Quetzali animal (Qui-Qui) is used, the Polytaur also has small wings, and when an Aquarion turtle is used, it has flippers.


  • Attack: 3
  • Defence: 1
  • Movement: 1
  • Health: 15
  • Range: 1
  • Cost: 2 stars to Enchant

Strengths and Weaknesses

Polytaurs are good for:

  • Early-game rushes. They are very strong on offense, but not so tough on defence. If you could quickly overpower enemies in a single turn without giving them the chance to fight back, you will find much success using these.
  • "Boosting" your units. This is especially helpful in the early game. You can move a unit onto a forest tile that has a wild animal, then enchant the animal. Sometimes, the unit will be "boosted" toward a direction that may be advantageous, giving units an "extra move". In the beginning of the game, this can be used to help your starting warrior move faster.
  • A quick defence. You can quickly call up some Polytaurs to defend from an invasion in a pinch.

Polytaurs aren't good for:

  • Tanking damage. Their low defence stat means despite their 15 health, they are easy targets for enemies and can take substantial damage from Defender or even Boat attacks.


  • There are theoretically 225 possible ways a Polytaur can look. It can have one of the fifteen animal heads, and one of the fifteen tribe colors, via Mind Benders; however in a normal game, you would only ever see up to 210 different varieties as it is impossible to create a Mamoo (Polaris game) Polytaur, as Polaris terrain always reverts to the original terrain when their city is captured, thereby making it impossible for an Elyrion player to obtain a tile with a Mamoo on it. The sprites for these nonetheless exist in the game files.
  • In beta, Polytaurs used to have the "decay" skill, making them expire after a short lifespan of 3 turns.


Warrior, Rider, Archer, Swordsman, Catapult, Knight, Defender, Giant, Boat, Ship, Battleship, Mind Bender, Amphibian, Tridention, Crab, Polytaur, Navalon, Dragon Egg, Baby Dragon, Fire Dragon, Mooni, Ice Archer, Battle Sled, Ice Fortress, Gaami, Nature Bunny, Scout (removed), Guard Tower (removed)
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