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Polytopia Music is The Battle of Polytopia’s music label. It publishes full-length songs, most of which are extended versions of the tribe themes. Many songs were released as part of a tribe celebration.

All sound and music in Polytopia is electronic and composed by Robin af Ekenstam, a.k.a. Midjitone.


Cover Art Name Tribe Release Date Release Blurb Notes
Wopquchu Ca Talwas
Wopquchu Ca Talwas Quetzali October 18, 2019 We are getting into the music business! The first song, Wopquchu Ca Talwas (Quetzali Anthem), features the Quetzalian flute legend Cawas Talaya.[1] This song is the only one accompanied by a press release.

A dance competition was held to celebrate the release of the first song. The prize was the Magic Flute of Cawas Talaya. The winner was Child Leash.[2]

Emilux Po Exiduss
Emilux Pô Exiduss Luxidoor November 29, 2019 The latest release from the Polytopia Music label sparks controversy. Local bully turned rapper, The Luxidoor Giant, have released Emilux Pô Exiduss. It is a song about their tribe’s superiority & wealth that includes so many profanities that it has been banned in some parts of Polytopia.[3]

The lyrics to this song are marked as explicit and were posted by Midjiwan on Reddit.

There is an instrumental version without the lyrics.

Yrmil Grol
Yrmil Grøl (Live at Gøtmüle Lodge) Bardur December 13, 2019 We want to wish all Polytopians a Merry Christmas by releasing this splendid version of the song Yrmil Grøl. Performed by the Bardur Quartet at their ill-fated (Ullefurg drenched) live performance at Gøtmüle Lodge.[4]
Saladik atjum
Saladik Ătjum Yădakk January 17, 2020 The Impossible Yadakk Orkestar, known as the wandering band who has played at markets squares all over Polytopia, is releasing their tribe anthem "Saladik Ătjum" today. Turn up the volume & buckle up for this one![5] This is the only song with a music video.
Deep Dream Meditation
Deep Dream Meditation 528 HZ DNA Repair Ai-Mo February 21, 2020

Enter a transcendental state of consciousness while listing to the new song by AI-MO-BAU "Deep Dream Meditation 528HZ DNA Repair".

The healing power of the 528Hz frequency has been known since ancient times.[6]

This is the longest extended tribe theme at over 15 minutes long.
Imperius Enia
Imperius Enia Imperius March 20, 2020

Today we are releasing the song Imperius Enia, performed live by Polytopia Philharmonic Orchestra.

"Its a very expressive performance, showing outstanding technique and virtuosity. The has masterful Imperius composer has melded dissonant chords with a powerful bassline that harmonically supports the mighty score."[7]

Kirschblüte (Xin-xi Anthem Remix) Xin-xi April 17, 2020 It's time for Kirschblüte (Xin-xi Anthem Remix)! The song is part of a suite of compositions created during Xisha-cha's residency at Tonwelle in Berlin, in the fall of 2019. Soon Xisha-cha was beginning to master Tonwelle's array of classic synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines - generating an interesting combination of modern electronic music and Xin-xi traditionals.[8]
Kickoo Banoo
Kickoo Banoo (Instrumental Version) Kickoo June 12, 2020 Enigmatic Kickoo musician, Nono Kamii, has graced us with a song that is dedicated to the delicious and smooth Banoo, a fruit all Kickoo enjoy. We hope you find it as refreshing as they do![9]
Zebasi Dub
Zebasi Dub Zebasi July 19, 2020 Looking for a good song for grooving while riding your Geroffy or working your farm? Well, look no further, as ZuZa Sound System has you covered with the Zebasi Dub![10]
Oumaji La
Oumaji La Oumaji August 21, 2020 Listen to Ondor Yeye's performance of Oumaji La – The mesmerizing version of the Oumaji Theme. If you close your eyes, you will see the endless, sun blessed Suui desert in front of you.[11]
Hoodrick Moss Stomp
Hoodrick Moss Stomp Hoodrick September 11, 2020 The term Stomp Dance refers to the “shuffle and stomp” movements of a dance. The Hoodricks are considered to be the masters of Stomp and you can not perform a real Hoodrick Stomp without the music performed by their chart topping band "The Ley Autumn leaves".[12]
Vengir Arrzck
Vengir Arrzck Vengir November 13, 2020 Vengir Arrzck (Cry for Justice) is the grand finale of the 12-hour long stage play "Tcstcth Imhegor." A stage play where some actors actually die for real in every performance. Written by the respected Vengir composer Nikazm Bzkkan.[13] A Tweet by Midjiwan suggests that the song may have once been called "Arrzck Stgor".[14]
Iqanto Totaan
Iqanto Totaan Polaris January 15, 2021 The Gaami Choir performs the beautiful and atmospheric masterpiece "Iqanto Totaan." The song, which is also accompanied by ice marimba, reminds Polarans to celebrate the hardship and struggles out in the cold wastelands of the Square.[15]
₼ƒ∑§aŋ∫₼ỹ∑ȱ ₼∑Ω§ΩΩ¦m
₼ƒ∑§aŋ∫₼ỹ∑ȱ ₼∑Ω§ΩΩ¦m ∑∫ỹriȱŋ April 22, 2021 ¡Ω ₼^∑∫ ₺ ŋȱ₺ŋŦ∑ oaŦ₺∑∫₼ƒ∑Ŧ i#₼m∑a aƒ ŋȱr ŦȱŦ#, ∫∫iπȱ∑ ₼ƒm₺^₺^ ∑∫ỹriȱŋ! ¡πþŦ₺r₼ ƒ‡₼‡Δ ƒ₼i!₺r i#₼m∑a#, ^ƒi∑∫∑ ₼∑Ω§ΩΩ¦m, ỹ ỹΩ oaŦ₺∑∫₼ þþr∑![16] The name and description of the song are written in the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ language. In English, the title is "Nature's Crucial Message" and the description reads, "Next time you ride a unicorn or plant a tree, listen to the Elyrion anthem! Good for befriending animals, defending nature, and giving beautiful dreams."
Kickoo Banoo Polytone
Kickoo Banoo Kickoo June 29, 2021 Check out this new mix of Kickoo Banoo - Polytone™️ Edition. The song that is dedicated to the delicious and smooth Banoo, a fruit all Kickoo enjoy.[17] This song is a "Polytone™️" remix of Kickoo Banoo, with sounds more like those heard in-game.
Naulan Aquarion
Naulan Aquarion Aquarion July 23, 2021 Tic Polnép Séi, the popular Polytopian band from the depths of the Square's oceans, has arrived on Earth to record "Naulan Aquarion". This folk song began as a simple lullaby, but is now beloved by all Aquarion and hopefully by you as well.[18]
Cymanticore Cymanti October 29, 2021 Today we release the song Cymanticore. A quite disturbing club-track with lots of suggestive dark elements. The music is created by the Central Hive as musical propaganda, to lure uninfected Polytopians into freely joining Cymanti.[19]
Polytopia Theme
Polytopia Theme N/A February 24, 2022 Today is the birthday of Polytopia! - To celebrate this, we are releasing the brilliant Polytopia Theme in a full-length version performed by The Polytopia Orchestra. It's a bubbling, mysterious and irresistible song that you want to listen to over and over again.[20] This is the only Polytopia Music song that does not pertain to any tribe.

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