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Welcome to Polytopia Wiki! All editors are expected to abide by the following rules. Some of Polytopia Wiki's policies are provided below for reference. Administrators reserve the right to modify any rule or policy at any time without warning.


  • Be bold! Anyone can edit, comment, and participate in Discussions on Polytopia Wiki. Go for it!
  • Be respectful. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but hateful language and personal attacks are strictly prohibited.
  • Don't be disruptive. Avoid spam, vandalism, off-topic conversations, and excessive self-promotion.
  • Respect the formatting guidelines. They are located at Polytopia Wiki:Manual of Style.
  • Assume good faith. Unless an edit or comment is clearly vandalism, assume that it was made in good faith, even if it is unhelpful or incorrect. If you disagree with an user's edits, please leave a respectful message on their message wall.
  • Reverts are a normal part of the editing process. If you believe your edit was unfairly reverted, please discuss with the editor who conducted it on their message wall. However, avoid edit wars; the three-revert rule is strictly enforced.
  • Administrator user rights may be given to experienced and trusted editors. For more information, contact Zebastian at Message Wall:Zebastian1.
  • Need help? Contact an administrator at Message Wall:Zebastian1.

These rules were written by Eisthefifthletter. Comments and suggestions are welcome; please post them at Message Wall:Eisthefifthletter.

Selected Policies

All of Polytopia Wiki's policies can be found at Category:Policies.


Polytopia Wiki follows Fandom's guidance regarding blocking:

[...]blocking should not be considered a standard disciplinary measure. Admins are advised to discuss the matter with the user first, warning them about the consequences of their behavior, and only block if the warning does no effect. Blocks are used to prevent damage or disruption, not to punish users.
In most cases, a short block should be enough to resolve the matter. IP addresses should never be blocked for longer periods of time, with an absolute maximum of three months, to avoid situations where a dynamic IP is used by a completely different user and they find themselves unable to edit.

Exceptions: IP addresses and violators of the three-revert rule may be blocked without warning.

Page Protection

Administrators may protect the following pages as they see fit:

  • High-traffic pages, including the main page.
  • Pages affected by persistent vandalism or an edit war.
  • Wiki policies.
  • Important templates.
  • Favicons, site backgrounds, etc.
  • Archived pages.

A list of all protected pages can be found at Special:ProtectedPages.