In October 18th, Midjiwan announced they were entering the music business by making Polytopian Tribe music.

The First to be released was "Wopquchu Ca Talwas", the Quetzali Anthem, by Quetzali bard Cawas Talaya, and can be heard on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, Deezer and Tidal.

The Second was "Emilux Pô Exiduss", by a Luxidoor rapper known as "The Luxidoor Giant". It is known for its swagger of Luxidoor wealth and power. Midjiwan adds that it includes so many profanities "that it has been banned in some parts of Polytopia". There are two versions of it, normal and instrumental.

On the 13th of December 2019, the Third, "Yrmil Grøl" by the (at the time drunken) Bardur Quartet, was published. Midjiwan stated it was a rather "ill-fated" live performance, since the Bardur Quartet was drunk on Ullefurgh while performing at the Gøtmüle Lodge.

They can be heard here from YouTube:

Emilux Pô Exiduss (Normal version) :

Emilux Pô Exiduss (Instrumental version) :

Yrmil Grøl :

Wopquchu Ca Talwas (Quetzali Anthem)

Wopquchu Ca Talwas (Quetzali Anthem)

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