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Polytopians are the subject of The Battle of Polytopia. They are a genderless, humanoid, vaguely mammalian species that stands approximately 10 centimeters tall and reproduce by laying eggs.


Polytopians have no arms or legs, instead having floating hands and feet. Polytopians' hands can be de-materialized and re-materialized at will. When not using their hands, they can hold small objects such as a sword or club.

All Polytopians can grow hair, but most tribes shave it very short. Only certain tribes have been confirmed to have cultural hairstyles: the Xin-xi, Hoodrick, ∑∫ỹriȱŋ, and Kickoo. The Imperius, Ai-Mo, and Zebasi have all been confirmed to prefer shaved hairstyles. The hair status of all other tribes is still unrevealed. Since cultural adherence is paramount to Polytopians, all members of a tribe always keep the cultural hairstyle when possible. Polytopians' hair is black, except in the case of the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ, whose blue hair and visible ears are the result of their isolation.

Intelligence and Demeanor[]

Polytopians have an exceptionally high technical intelligence, capable of reverse-engineering and implementing technologies beyond their usual capacity, such as computers or modern music tools. However, they are often slow to adopt new technologies because it takes considerable effort for them to understand a technology's usefulness. This combination makes Polytopians flexible but relatively slow to develop.

Polytopians are relatively simple and curious, bearing a "child-like" demeanor of wonder and optimism and being driven more by emotion than logic. They are traditionalists and cling tightly to their cultural identities, but can be swayed by magic, money, or a sense of security. Polytopians' simple-mindedness causes them to fight frequently, especially with others whom they cannot identify with.

Reproduction and Growth[]

Quetzali tribe day

Despite being genderless, Polytopians need a mate to reproduce. A Polytopian's egg hatches after an approximate 4-month gestation period, during which it grows larger and larger before hatching. Polytopians reach adulthood in five years and can live for up to fifty years, although the latter is rare due to frequent infighting.

Magic and Religion[]

The tribes all have an understanding of the Square’s ambient magic, but some tribes utilize it more than others. The Aquarion, ∑∫ỹriȱŋ, and Polaris have all mastered the use of magic, often in different specializations, but the regular tribes typically use it for the mind-wiping and healing powers of Mind Benders. Magic has also been utilized to open portals to Earth, but this is a laborious, tedious process which often is seen as not worth the time and effort.

The Polytopian tribes all adhere to different religions, such as the Quetzali's pantheon of Bird Gods or the Buddhist-esque beliefs of the Ai-Mo. The only Polytopian religions canonized as “true” are the Xin-Xi’s belief in the Xini-Kai Spirit, which actually rests upon Mt. Xin-Xi; the Vengir's belief in Hirkthr, or the underworld; and Luxidoor's belief in Exigeluss, the God of Wealth, who bestows them their riches.


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