Ports are buildings that can be constructed after you have researched the Sailing technology. They are considered one of the most integral buildings to the game since they unlock an entirely new frontier for the game.

Moving a unit onto an owned port will turn it into a Boat unit, which will allow it to travel over water.

Ports produce 2 population to the city it is built in. They cost 10 stars to build and can only be built on shallow water tiles that are in your territory. Ports will also convert units that move onto them into boats, unless they have the swim skill.

The Customs House produces +2 stars per turn for each adjacent owned port.

City Connections Edit

Ports can create city connections with the capital. If you connect ports to cities via. placing them adjacent to the city or by Roads, they can extend a connection across the water (4 tiles excluding the ports, weaving around land), giving +1 Population to the connected city and the capital.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the "Power" update, sea routes did not have a tile limit.