"The Quetzali tribe worship the bird gods of the red soil and live in harmony with the natural symmetry of their cubistic jungles. They are commonly seen riding giant flightless birds."
- Tribe description
The Quetzali tribe is the 11th regular tribe and the 12th tribe overall to be added to Polytopia. Quetzali starts with the Shields technology and a Defender unit.

Quetzali is typically considered to be a lower-mid-tier tribe. Defenders are not particularly useful early-game since they cannot effectively attack enemy units. Also, having reduced crop and metal spawn rates hinders Quetzali's mid-to-late-game development. (Although Quetzali does have increased fruit spawn rates, fruit only provide one population each, while Farms and Mines provide two population each.)


Quetzali has ++Fruit, --Crop, and --Metal.

Quetzali fruit
Quetzali forest
Quetzali game
Quetzali mountain


  • Fruit: Maize
  • Land: Dark green grass and red soil, similar to rain forests
  • Forests: "cubistic jungles" of trees with pale trunks and light green leaves
  • Animals: Qui-Qui (brown ostrich-like flightless bird)
  • Mountains: Stepped pyramids, dark green at the bottom and white at the top
  • Cities: Red, golden, and green clay blocks
  • Helmet: Bird-shaped headdress
  • Color: Dark green


  • Quetzali tribe day
    2019 Tribe Day: The Quetzali found a special kinship with the birds of the jungle, since both Polytopians and their feathered friends are genderless, egg-laying, bipedal creatures.
  • Web Shop: Despite their sharp beak and leery eyes, the Qui-Qui birds are very friendly and love to snuggle with anyone who is passing by. That has made them the main ingredient in the most popular Quetzali dish, "Qui-Qualum."
  • Web Shop: Once you've had Qorn juice, you’ll never go back! (To any kind of juice). Enjoy it, preferably in [a] traditional corn juice jar, watching the sun set behind the cubistic mountains.


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City Buildings


The Battle of Polytopia Quetzali Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Quetzali Theme

  • In the ambience playing throughout Quetzali lands, rumbling-like noises and bird noises are heard.
  • Quetzali was added in the update named "New World" and resembles Mesoamerican civilizations, such as the Aztecs, Olmecs, Mayans and Toltecs. The name "Quetzali" resembles that of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl and that of the Quetzal bird.
  • The Quetzali tribe is community-named.
  • In beta, the Quetzali were previously named "Manchillo" and "Manchilla," and their color was the crimson color of their dirt.
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