The Quetzali tribe is one of the 15 current tribes, released in the "New World" update. They appear to be based of Mesoamerican civilizations, such as the Aztecs, Olmecs, Mayans and Toltecs. Their name resembles that of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.

In-game description:

"The Quetzali tribe worship the bird gods of the red soil and live in harmony with the natural symmetry of their cubistic jungles. They are commonly seen riding giant flightless birds."


Quetzali fruit
Quetzali forest
Quetzali game
Quetzali mountain



The description of the Quetzali.

  • Fruit: Corn
  • Land: Dark green grass and red soil, similar to rain forests
  • Forests: Yellow trunks with light green leaves
  • Animals: Qui-Qui (Brown ostrich)
  • Mountains: White at the top, resembles Mayan and Aztec stepped pyramids
  • Cities: Red clay, and golden/green decorative blocks
  • Helmet: Bird-shaped headdress
  • Color: Dark green

Tribe Day Lore

Quetzali tribe day

"The Quetzali found a special kinship with the birds of the jungle, since both Polytopians and their feathered friends are genderless, egg-laying, bipedal creatures." - Quetzali Tribe Day 2019

Quetzali Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Quetzali Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Quetzali Theme

City Buildings


  • The Quetzali had a total of 3 names during beta: Manchillo, Manchilla, and Quetzali. Their colour was also originally the colour of their dirt.
  • According to the Web Shop, the Quetzali's favourite drink is a drink called "Qorn Juice", mainly made of crushed corn kernels added to some water.
  • In the ambience which plays throughout Quetzali lands, several sounds are heard. These sounds are rumbling-like noises, birds emitting noises.
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