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The Raft is the most basic naval unit. Moving a land unit onto a port will turn it into a Raft. The health of a Raft is determined by the unit it carries.

A Raft can be upgraded into a Rammer for five stars once Aquaculture is researched, a Scout for five stars once Sailing is researched, or a Bomber for 15 stars once Navigation is researched. Upgrading a naval unit does not heal it.

The Raft replaced the Boat for the Path of the Ocean update. With regards to its stats, it is identical to the boat except without the ability to attack. It is used only as a transport unit.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

The Raft is good for:

  • Starfish harvesting. Especially in tribes with easy or instant access to ocean tiles, Rafts can be sent out to harvest Starfish in the background of gameplay. However, stronger units should be used if hostile tribes are nearby.
  • Transporting units. Placing a unit in a Raft is free, making them useful for transporting units across continents. However, bridges are a more efficient yet expensive way of crossing singular water tiles.

The Raft isn't good for:

  • Combat. With no attack, the Raft is useless in battle. It should always be upgraded in a city before it is sent to enemy lines, since it will be unable to do so outside city borders.


Tribe Skins[]

Old Aumux raft

The original Aumux raft


  • Before the Patch of the Ocean update, the roof of a Raft was always tan and did not change color based on its tribe.
    • Before beta update, this roof was a darker tan color.
    • The Aumux tribe skin's raft still used the darker tan color until beta update, and the Ragoo skin continues to do so.