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The Rammer is a naval unit that is an upgrade from the Raft. The health of a Rammer is determined by the unit it carries.

A Raft can be upgraded into a Rammer for five stars, once Aquaculture is researched. Upgrading a naval unit does not heal it.

Moving an upgraded naval unit onto land causes the unit to permanently lose its upgrade: if that unit is once again moved onto a Port, it will become a Raft.

The Rammer did not replace any specific naval unit which existed prior to the Path of the Ocean update. It is used for offence due to its high movement and attack.

A water ruin may reward a veteran rammer carrying a warrior.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Rammers are good at:

  • Naval battles. A Rammer can one-shot a warrior in a Scout and take massive chunks of health off of Bombers and Juggernauts. With 3 movement, it can easily move through a unit's range and damage or kill it, and it has enough defense to survive if other units are around. However, a group of well-placed Scouts can kill a Rammer by coming in from the clouds or from past its movement range.
  • City sieging. A high-defense unit in a Rammer can use the Rammer's high attack to kill units in cities, then survive attempts to break the siege. This works especially well with Defenders, as they are cheaper than Swordsmen but have the same attack as one when in a Rammer.
  • Starfish harvesting. Rammers' high defense and movement allow them to harvest Starfish in dangerous territory, as opposed to Scouts or Rafts which are easily destroyed.

Rammers aren't good at:

  • Early-game exploration. The 3 movement of a Rammer becomes useless when going through fog, due to their lack of the scout skill.
  • Dealing with ranged units. A well-placed Archer or Catapult can attack a Rammer from inland, leaving it unable to fight back.


Tribe Skins[]


  • Rammer old

    A Vengir Rammer from the Path of the Ocean Beta

    In the Path of the Ocean Beta, the Rammer had a different sprite.
  • Pierce

    The "pierce" attack used by the Rammer

    Rammers use the same "pierce" attack animation as the Knight.