The Rider is a mounted melee unit unlocked by the Riding technology. The Rider has more movement but lower defence than a Warrior. In addition, the Rider has the escape skill, which allows it to move after attacking. Therefore, the Rider can be used in hit-and-run warfare.

The Oumaji tribe starts the game with a Rider. The Aquarion tribe has the Amphibian in place of the Rider.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Riders are good for early-game exploration and expansion. With their increased movement, they can quickly cover large distances and retreat after attacking if necessary.
  • Riders can exploit their escape skill to capture any open enemy cities.
  • Riders are very strong when used in combination with Roads.



  • A comparison between native and mind-bended Aquarion mounted units

    Aquarion Riders, obtained by converting an enemy Rider with a Mind Bender, are slightly larger than Amphibians.
  • Examples of effective use of Riders include this video of a Perfection game by Tupp and this video of a multiplayer game by Unwise.


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