Roads (Building)

Roads increase the movement of units moving on connected roads and form city connections. It costs 2 stars to build a road on one tile. Roads can be built anywhere except on mountains and water. You can only build roads in your territory or neutral territory. You cannot benefit from roads in enemy territory.

Roads connecting cities to your capital form city connections, which grant one population to both the capital city and the connected city. (Cities can also be connected with Ports and Outposts.)

Movement between two tiles with roads requires only 0.5 moves (compared to 1 move for "normal" tiles), even if one or both of these tiles are Forests. You can use roads in neutral territory but not roads in enemy territory.

Note that the game often misses “longer” paths that require fewer moves due to roads, so when using elaborate road systems for Riders and Knights, make sure you have a backup in case your roads do not work (usually building more roads).

It is impossible to remove a Road, not even with Destroy.

Roads (Technology)

The tier two technology Roads allows Roads to be built and unlocks the Network task, which awards the Grand Bazaar after five cites are connected to the capital.

Roads can only be researched after Riding is researched. Roads lead to Trade.

Yadakk starts with Roads.

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