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For the technology, see Roads (Technology).
Roads Example

The two cities on the left and the right are connected to the capital in the center by roads.

Roads are buildings that cost three stars, halve movement cost of tiles they are built on, and form city connections. Other buildings can be built on top of roads. Roads are unlocked with the technology of the same name.

Roads can be built on any terrain type except mountains, water, ice, and Algae. Roads can be built underneath neutral villages but these roads will disappear if the village is captured. Players cannot build or benefit from roads in enemy territory, but any player can build and benefit from roads in neutral territory. Roads cannot be destroyed. The Port can be used to extend trade connections over water. If a player has a peace treaty with another tribe, they both can gain movement bonuses from each others' roads.

For more information on how roads impact movement, see Movement#Roads.

The Cymanti tribe has the Mycelium instead of roads.

Prior to the Path of The Ocean update, roads cost two stars instead of three.