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A Vengir Swordsman ready to examine a ruin.

Ruins are buildings that provide a reward when examined by a unit.

Examining a ruin requires a unit to start the turn on the ruin and consumes the unit's actions for that turn (like capturing a village).

Ruins can spawn on all types of terrain except shallow water. However, ruins cannot spawn next to a capital city or another ruin.

Tiles with ruins cannot be developed until the ruin is examined. For example, a player cannot clear or build a Lumber Hut on a forest tile with a ruin. Also, it is possible for a resource (such as fruit or crop) to appear on a tile with a ruin, but the resource will remain hidden until the ruin is explored. In addition, ruins can be destroyed.


  • 10 stars
  • A free technology
  • Three population to the player's capital. Population growth cannot be granted by a ruin if the player does not own any capitals; however, if the player's own capital has been captured but the player owns other capitals, then the population will go to the highest level capital.
  • An explorer (if there are unexplored tiles within a two tile radius from the ruin)
  • A unit:


It is recommended that early-game the focus be on expansion and capturing villages instead of examining ruins. However, examine ruins that otherwise may be taken by enemies.

Because of the variety of possible rewards, it can be risky to go for ruins and rely on them. This is especially true in the early game whether the player should get to a ruin or a village. If the ruin is in a place where there is no way an enemy can grab the ruin, it is recommended to expand and explore the map. However. if the ruin is very close to an enemy, it is recommended to explore the ruin as there are many things an enemy can receive from a ruin, and the worst being them getting a free super unit very close to the player's territory. 

The People who built the of now ruins


A simple, yet resourceful folk, the ruins of [the Ancient's] many settlements can be found dotting the Square to this day.
-Midjiwan on Twitter

Ruins are settlements of the ancient Polytopians.[1]


  • If the ruin provides a unit as a reward, the examining unit is pushed in a forced unit spawn.
  • The ∑∫ỹriȱŋ tribe can see ruins through clouds.
  • Before update 2.0.58, ruins on land granted a Giant instead of a veteran Swordsman on land. A Giant could only be earned as early as turn 5. Also, ruins could not spawn next to villages.


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