Polytopia Wiki

Score is a measure of how much a player has achieved in Polytopia. Points are earned in four categories: Army and Territory, Cities, Monuments and Temples, and Science. Points are lost when a city is captured by an enemy, a building is destroyed, or a unit is killed or disbanded.

The following is a breakdown of how score is calculated.

Army and Territory:

  • Units: 5 points per star of a unit's cost. Super units are worth 50 points each. (They have a theoretical cost of 10 stars.) Ship and battleship upgrades do not give extra score. Converted units do not change score for either player.
  • Territory: 20 points per tile in the player's territory.
  • Exploration: 5 points per explored tile.


  • Cities: 100 points plus 50 points per level above level 1.
    • Each population gained is worth five points, and upgrading to level 2 gives a 40 point bonus, upgrading to level 3 gives a 35 point bonus, etc. for a total of 50 points per level above level 1. Upgrading to a level of 10 and above will give negative points (not counting park or super unit points).
  • Park: 250 points each.
  • level 1 city + 9 tiles territory = 280 points

Monuments and Temples:

  • Monuments: 400 points each.
  • Temples: 100 points plus 50 points per level above level 1.


  • Technology: 100 points per tier of the technology.

Starting Scores by Tribe[]

These scores can be used to guess which tribe opponent players are using.

Score Tribe(s)
465 Luxidoor
515 Xin-xi, Imperius, Bardur, Elyrion
520 Oumaji,


530 Polaris
565 Bardur, Imperius, (with upgraded capital)
615 Zebasi, Yadakk, Ai-Mo, Kickoo
620 Quetzali, Hoodrick
630 Cymanti
650 Yadakk (with roads diagonal expansion and new warrior)
665 Zebasi, Kickoo (with upgraded capital)
730 Vengir

NOTE: If someone spawns in a corner, due to the update where lighthouses have to be revealed by exploration, that corner tile will be obscured by the clouds. This will result in 5 points less than usual. For example, if someone has a starting score of 510 points, they have spawned in a corner and are playing any of the 515 point tribes.

Perfection Difficulty Bonus[]

A difficulty bonus is applied to the final score in the Perfection game mode. This bonus is equal to 100% plus 41% of the natural logarithm of the number of opponents, with an additional 20%, 40%, or 80% when the difficulty level is normal, hard, or crazy, respectively. The maximum difficulty bonus, with 15 crazy-level opponents, is 291%.

Difficulty Bonus (Easy Difficulty Level)
Number of opponents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Difficulty bonus (%) 100 128 145 157 166 174 180 185 190 195 199 202 205 208 211