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For the removed land unit, see Scout (Removed).

The Scout is a naval unit that is an upgrade from the Raft. The health of a Scout is determined by the unit it carries.

A Raft can be upgraded into a Scout for five stars, once Sailing is researched. Upgrading a naval unit does not heal it.

Moving an upgraded naval unit onto land causes the unit to permanently lose its upgrade: if that unit is once again moved onto a Port, it will become a Raft. It should be noted that when a Scout moves onto land it will still reveal fog in a 5x5 radius before it disembarks.

The Scout replaced the scouting aspect of the Battleship for the Path of the Ocean update. While the Scout has the scouting aspect of the Battleship, it is a lot closer to the Ship in appearance and usage, having the same Attack, Range, and Movement as the Ship. It is used for both offence and exploration.


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