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For the naval unit, see Scout.
This feature has been removed.

The Scout was a removed unit that could not attack but could explore a 5x5 radius. It had a movement stat of 2 and ignored movement barriers imposed by terrain.[note 1] It was unlocked by the Free Spirit technology and cost two stars.

The Scout was removed in update 1.6. Midjiwan stated, "The Scout wasn't calibrated correctly. It was in the wrong place in the tech tree and the AI couldn't handle it. It might return in a new shape in the future."[1] To compensate for the removal of the Scout, the Battleship was given the scout skill.

The mechanics of the Scout have since returned in several forms, such as with most Cymanti units inheriting the ability to ignore terrain penalties with their creep skill. The Cloak also has the scout skill as well as the creep skill, making it essentially the modern incarnation of the Scout with extra features e.g. becoming invisible.


  1. The Scout's sneak skill is different from the Hexapod's sneak skill, which allows the Hexapod to move past enemy units without stopping.


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