The Ship is a sea unit. It is unlocked with Sailing, and is the upgrade of Boat, having overall better stats. For a 5-star fee, you can upgrade an individual boat into a ship. You can also upgrade Ships into Battleships with 15 stars after Navigation is researched. Ships can move onto land from water tiles, but when you move back onto water via ports, the unit will become a boat again.


  • Attack: 2
  • Defence: 2
  • Movement: 3
  • Varied Health (Health is taken directly from unit)
  • Range: 2
  • Cost: 5 stars to upgrade from boat
  • Skills: Carry, Dash

Strengths and Weaknesses

Ships are good for:

  • Gathering and transporting large armies. Large oceans can be turned into gathering grounds for your units, which can then move quickly to the enemy no matter their original movement speed.
  • Coast invasions. Ships are cheap to upgrade, and they can be used to transform into a land army while the expensive Battleships hammer away at the enemy from the sea.
  • Destroying Boats. They are a tier up, so they are quite effective against boat-spam armies.

Ships aren't good for:

  • Chipping at enemies. Post-nerf, they don't do enough damage to make much impact on enemy fortifications. Best to leave that to stronger units.


  • Before the "Power" update, which introduced Battleships, ships shot stones, like catapults, instead of arrows.
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