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The star is the in-game currency of Polytopia. It is used for training units, buying technologies, harvesting resources, and constructing buildings.

Stars are produced every turn by cities and buildings like the Market. This income is measured in stars per turn (SPT). One-time sources of stars can also be obtained from various methods, outlined below.

Hoodrick world

A 2016 screenshot in which the in-game currency is called "resources."

Stars were originally called "resources." They still represent resources in the Polytopian world.[1]

Income Sources[]

Item Income (stars per turn)
Cities 1 per level[note 1]
Clathrus 1 per adjacent Algae
Ice Bank 3 per every 20 frozen tiles in the world; max. 30 SPT
Market 2 per adjacent Windmill, Sawmill, or Forge, doubled if next to a Port
Sanctuary 1 per adjacent wild animal
  1. The income each city produces is shown to the right of the city's name. The Workshop and Park increase a city’s income by 1 SPT. Capital cities may produce more income; see Cities for details. Cities under siege do not produce any income.

One-Time Star Sources[]

Item Stars
Clear Forest 1
Disband 1/2 of the unit's cost, rounded down
Meeting an enemy player 2 stars per 1000 points of the enemy's score rounded up to the next thousand; max. 11 stars
Resources city upgrade bonus 5
Starfish Harvesting 8
Resources ruin reward 10


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