Stars are the in-game currency in Polytopia, displayed at the top of your screen.

They can be used for training units, buying technologies, harvesting resources (such as animals, fruit, fish, ores), and improving tiles with buildings such as ports and temples.

Be warned, though, that stars and star production are different things. Some actions, like Clearing Forest, Whaling or selecting the resources when upgrading a level 2 city to level 3 return plain stars, whereas others like building Customs Houses or selecting Workshop when upgrading a level 1 city to level 2 will increase overall star production per turn.

The number of stars each city produces can be found at the right of the city name bar, next to the star icon. The player's capital generates an additional star per turn, and AI players' capitals have different bonuses based on the difficulty level.

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A star

Ruin Rewards
Battleship, Crab, Explorer, Giant, Population, Population Growth, Stars, Super Unit, Technology