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The Stone Of Time

By decree of the divine ruler Midjiwan, a new age has been announced! It is the age of the Stone of Time, a sacred tablet that divides the year to honour the twelve original tribes of the Polytopian square.
-Official description
The Stone Of Time is the calendar for the year 2020 dedicating each month to a certain regular tribe as their "Tribe Moon." The Stone of Time was decreed by the game's developer, Midjiwan.

Tribe Moons are celebrated on the first day of each month, when a lore blurb is posted and the community celebrates the tribe. During the month of a tribe's Tribe Moon, the merchandise of the tribe receives discounts in the web store, and the custom emoji for Giants on the Polytopia Discord server is changed to the tribe's Giant.

Order of Tribe Moons

Tribe Moon Posters

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