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In Domination, your score is a rating based on how many turns you take to defeat your opponent (you get 10 turns per opponent), how many units you lose (you can only lose one unit for every 50 enemy units you kill, note that your kills are considered as well as your losses), how many of your opponents you (and not your other opponents) conquer, and the difficulty level. The map size increases with the number of opponents.

To get a high rating, play against a few Crazy bots. 3 is a good balance between turns available and not having your opponents kill each other. You can also play against 4 to get more time, but that makes it much more likely that opponents conquer each other. Battleships, Swordsmen, super units, and (protected) Catapults are the best units to use late-game. Support from Roads is good. Knights can be easily killed. Free Spirit and Disbanding are good for weak units you cannot evacuate (disbanding does not count as a loss). Mind-bending an enemy unit is not considered to be a win.

1v1 Domination[]

1v1 Domination is the “easiest” way to get 100% if you own Quetzali: The key is to have their Defenders attack your Warriors. Since you only have 10 turns, you want to spawn as close to the opponent as possible. Your only goal is to capture the enemy city. You can capture other villages if you see them to increase your unit capacity and especially to prevent your opponent from capturing them; however, do not let exploration distract you from your main goal. Try not to attack enemy units at all if you cannot kill them in one shot, as you cannot afford to lose any units, however, do not allow the AI to amass too many units either (that way, they will destroy any unit you use to capture their city). Do not make futile attempts to capture the enemy capital: Make sure that the enemy has few units (for most tribes, only two) within range of their city so that they cannot kill the sieging unit.

You may want to restart if:

  • the AI captures another city (you can check how many cities they have in the game stats)
  • you lose a unit
  • you cannot find your opponent within the first few turns.

Step by step 1v1 Domination strategy[]

This is probably the easiest way to get 100% on domination, doable only if you own Quetzali. If you don't own Quetzali, you can try to do this strategy against Oumaji or Hoodrick, but it is going to be harder.

  1. Disable all the tribes except the tribe you want to play with and the tribe you want to play against (so generally Quetzali). Play Crazy difficulty.
  2. Restart until you see a bit of the enemy's terrain, ideally it's territory. Exceptions: As Polaris, you're going to need to see their territory because the whole map has opponent's terrain.
  3. On turn 0, move your starting unit towards their terrain/territory. Train another warrior; even if you can research tech or upgrade your capital, train another warrior. Exceptions: As Oumaji, you may want to get a rider so the process goes faster. As Hoodrick, the choice between an archer or a warrior is yours: an archer can poke enemy defenders but has less defence so both have their pro and con. In both cases, if you do not play against Quetzali, train a warrior, it has better defence. As Elyrion, try to move onto the animal that is the nearest to enemy terrain/territory and enchant it so your warrior moves 2 tiles, and enchant the other animal or train a warrior. As Yadakk, before moving, put a road in the direction where you want to move so you move 2 tiles, move, then train the other warrior. As Quetzali, always train another defender instead of a warrior. As Vengir, always train a swordsmen instead of a warrior.
  4. Move your units towards the enemy. Since you can't train more units, you can get a tech or upgrade your city. Exceptions: As Elyrion, train a warrior/enchant a polytaur depending on what you did last turn. As Luxidoor, you can still train a unit so train it instead of researching tech.
  5. Put your units in their territory. Don't attack their defenders, and heal if they attack you. Against Oumaji/Hoodrick, you might want to attack their units since they have lower defence than attack.
  6. Wait for them to leave their city open and walk on it. Capture it. Against Oumaji or Hoodrick, you can try to kill the unit on their city if it's a rider/archer.
  7. Restart if they get another city, if it's turn 11, or if one of your units is killed.

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