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Tribes fall into two categories based on the the tech they start with. "Turn 0" tribes can upgrade their capital on the first turn. These include Bardur, Imperius, Kickoo, and Zebasi. They are the strongest tribes because upgrading the capital on Turn 0 gives them a “head start.” Having an upgraded capital either doubles income or grants a lot of bonuses from meeting other tribes with an Explorer.

Besides Luxidoor, which starts with its capital already upgraded, T0 (Turn 0) tribes will always spawn with enough resources to upgrade their capital on turn 0. (Resources can be force-spawned if the initial world generation does not provide enough.) By the way, although ∑∫ỹriȱŋ is not a T0 tribe, it will always spawn with at least 2 animals, which can be enchanted into Polytaur units (or used for sanctuaries later).

Although Luxidoor doesn't start with a tech, their already 3 SPT means they are free to use the stars that other "turn 0" tribes devote to a workshop and make a second warrior.

All of the the remainder typically need 9 stars to buy a tech and upgrade their capital, making the earliest opportunity to upgrade the capital be on the third turn, also called "turn 2". You can also get a T1 upgrade if you meet another tribe and they give you a tech which allows you to upgrade your city. Keep this in mind when spawning. (For example, if your quetzali, you want to spawn by imperius because they can give you organization or stars and quetzali has a ++fruit spawn)

Also, each tribe has variations on the resources and terrain generated in their territory.

Special tribes have unique techs and units. In general, they sacrifice some aspects of their economy for stronger military units.

Tribe Tier List[]

The ranking of tribes, also called tribe tiers, is controversial and varies based on game version and player preference. Below are a few for reference.

Tribe-Specific Guides[]