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Technology refers to skills that can be researched using resources that unlock new abilities, units and buildings. All tribes except for the Luxidoor and Aquarion tribes start with a technology that is already unlocked.

Tech tree HD

The Xin-xi tech tree

The cost to research a new technology increases as more cities are added to a tribe's empire. Tier One technologies start at 5 resources, Tier Two technologies at 6, and Tier Three at 7. For each city, the cost of Tier One technologies increases by 1, Tier Two by 2, and Tier Three by 3. It also states at the bottom of the tech tree: "Tech costs increase for each city in your empire", and "Literacy reduce the price of technologies by 20%!" if Philosophy has been researched.

To access the Tech Tree to research technology, tap the blue beaker at the bottom of the screen. If you can currently afford a technology, the button will glow blue. If not, it will be black.

Tier One Technologies Edit

Tier One technologies are the first ones that players can research, and cost 5 resources at one city.

Tier Two Technologies Edit

Tier Two technologies can be researched after the Tier One technology of the branch is researched, and cost 6 resources at one city.

Tier Three Technologies Edit

Tier Three technologies are the last that players can research, and cost 7 resources at one city.

Orientation Edit

There are 3 orientations, or categories, of techs: Exploration, Economy, and Military.

Exploration: A tech with the Exploration orientation helps the player explore the Square.

Economy: A tech with the Economy orientation helps the player build up their cities and increase star production.

Military: A tech with the Military orientation unlocks new units and helps the player in combat (such as Defence bonuses).

Some techs can have more than one orientation.

Table Edit

Tech Orientation Unlocks Native to Tier
Climbing Exploration, Economy Movement on mountain tiles, allows players to see mountains with ore, allows explorers to move on mountain tiles Xin-Xi 1
Fishing Economy Fishing, allows players to see whales Kickoo 1
Hunting Economy Hunting Bardur 1
Organization Economy Gathering fruit, allows players to see fields with crop Imperius 1
Riding Exploration,


Rider, movement on shallow water tiles (Aquarion) Oumaji 1
Archery Military Archer, Defence bonus on forest tiles Hoodrick 2
Farming Economy Farm Zebasi 2
Forestry Economy Lumber Hut, Clear Forest none 2
Free Spirit Economy, Military Temple, Disband, movement on ocean tiles (Aquarion) none 2
Meditation Military, Economy Mountain Temple, defence bonus on mountain tiles, Pacifist task Ai-Mo 2
Mining Economy Mine none 2
Roads All Roads, Network task none 2
Sailing All Ports, Boat, Ship, allows explorers to move on shallow water tiles none 2
Shields Military Defender Quetzali 2
Whaling Economy Whale Hunting none 2
Aquatism Economy, Military Water Temple, defence bonus on ocean and shallow water tiles Aquarion (removed after BETA) 3
Chivalry All Knight, Burn Forest none 3
Construction Economy Windmill, Destroy none 3
Mathematics Military, Economy Sawmill, Catapult 3
Navigation Exploration, Military Battleship, movement on shallow water tiles (units with carry), Explorer task, allows explorers to move on ocean tiles none 3
Smithery Military, Economy Forge, Swordsman Vengir 3
Spiritualism Economy Forest Temple, Grow Forest none 3
Trade Economy Customs House, Wealth task none 3
Philosophy Economy, Military Mind Bender, Literacy Bonus, Genius task none 3
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Battleship, Crab, Explorer, Giant, Population, Population Growth, Stars, Super Unit, Technology
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AI Relationships, Combat, Population, Stars, Technology, Terrain, Unit Skills

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