The technology tree

Technology is research that unlocks new resources, buildings, units, and/or abilities. Technology can be researched using stars, discovered in ruins, or obtained by meeting enemy players (except in the Domination game mode). Each tribe, except for Luxidoor and Aquarion, has a unique starting technology that is unlocked at the start of the game.

The technology tree's icon

Technology is divided into three tiers. All tier one (T1) technologies can immediately be researched at the start of the game and initially cost five stars. Each tier two and three technology can be only researched after the T1 or T2 technology of its branch is researched and initially costs six or seven stars, respectively.

The cost to research technology increases with the number of cities the player controls. For each additional city, research costs increase by one, two, or three stars for T1, T2, and T3 technologies, respectively. In other words, the cost of a technology is calculated as follows: cost = (tier of technology) × (number of cities) + 4

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Literacy, which is unlocked by the Philosophy technology, reduces research costs by 33% (rounded up).

Technology Unlocks Starting technology of Special tribe modifications
Tier One
Climbing Movement in mountain, allows players to see metal Xin-xi
Fishing Fishing, allows players to see whales Kickoo
Hunting Hunting Bardur, ∑∫ỹriȱŋ (as Forest Magic) ∑∫ỹriȱŋ: Replaced with Forest Magic, unlocks the Polytaur
Organization Harvest fruit, allows players to see crop Imperius
Riding Rider Oumaji Aquarion: Unlocks the Amphibian and movement in shallow water

Cymanti: Unlocks the Hexapod

Tier Two
Archery Archer, defence bonus in forest Hoodrick Polaris: Unlocks the Ice Archer and defence bonus in forest

Cymanti: Unlocks the Phychi and defence bonus in forest

Farming Farm Zebasi, Cymanti (modified)

Cymanti: Unlocks the Fungi

Forestry Lumber Hut ∑∫ỹriȱŋ: Unlocks the Sanctuary and the Lumber Hut
Free Spirit Temple, Clear Forest ability, Disband ability Aquarion: Replaced with Free Diving, unlocks the Temple, movement in ocean, Clear Forest ability, and the Disband ability
Meditation Mountain Temple, defence bonus on mountain tiles, Pacifist task Ai-Mo
Mining Mine
Roads Roads, Network task Yădakk Cymanti: Unlocks the Mycelium and the Network task
Sailing Port, Boat, Ship, movement on shallow water tiles Polaris (as Frostwork) Polaris: Unlocks the Mooni and the Outpost

Cymanti: Replaced with Hydrology, unlocks the Algae

Shields Defender Quetzali Cymanti: Unlocks the Kiton
Whaling Whale Hunting ∑∫ỹriȱŋ: Replaced with Water Magic, unlocks the Navalon
Tier Three
Aquatism Water Temple, defence bonus on ocean and shallow water tiles Polaris: Replaced with Polarism, unlocks the Ice Temple and Glide
Chivalry Knight, Burn Forest ability Aquarion: Replaced with Spearing, unlocks the Tridention and the Burn Forest ability

Cymanti: Replaced with Shock Tactics, unlocks the Doomux

Construction Windmill, Destroy ability Cymanti: Replaced with Recycling, unlocks Decompose
Diplomacy (future) Unknown
Engineering (removed) Guard Tower, Destroy ability
Mathematics Catapult, Sawmill Cymanti: Unlocks the Exida and the Sawmill
Navigation Battleship, movement on ocean tiles, Explorer task Polaris: Replaced with Polar Warfare, unlocks the Battle Sled, the Ice Fortress, and the Explorer task

Cymanti: Replaced with Oceanology, unlocks the Raychi and the Explorer task

Smithery Forge, Swordsman Vengir
Spiritualism Forest Temple, Grow Forest ability
Trade Customs House, Wealth task Polaris: Unlocks the Ice Bank and the Wealth task

Cymanti: Unlocks the Clathrus and the Wealth task

Philosophy Mind Bender, Literacy, Genius task Cymanti: Unlocks the Shaman, Literacy, and the Genius task


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