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Temples are buildings that produce 1 population and are worth 100 points at time of construction. Temples increase in point value by 50 points every two turns. This feature is useful in the Perfection and Glory game modes.

There are five types of temples, the Temple, the Forest Temple, the Mountain Temple, the Water Temple, and the Ice Temple. Each type of temple can only be built in specific terrain types.

All types of temples cost 20 stars, except for the Forest Temple, which costs only 15 stars.

List of Temples[]

Image Name Terrain Unlocked by Cost (stars)
Temple level 5
Temple Field Free Spirit 20
Forest temple level 5
Forest Temple Forest Spiritualism 15
Mountain temple level 5
Mountain Temple Mountain Meditation 20
Water temple level 5
Water Temple Shallow water, ocean Aquatism 20
Ice temple level 5
Ice Temple Ice Polarism 20


Temples level up based on how many turns have passed since their construction, including the turn of their construction. Temples level up every two turns. Every time a temple levels up, its point value is increased by 50 points and it becomes more visually complex.

Level Point value Turns since construction
1 100 0-2
2 150 3-5
3 200 6-8
4 250 9-11
5 300 12+


  • Temples take a while to achieve maximum level and maximum points, so when playing Perfection, try to build all your temples before turn 19 for them to reach their maximum point value. However, for maximum star production, wait until turn 21 if you can build Ports next to a Customs House instead.
  • Because score doesn't matter in Domination mode, temples are considered poor investments in most Domination games.
  • Place water temples only on ocean tiles instead of water tiles so that you can still create Ports.
  • Don't rely on temples the primary method of growing your cities, since temples only give 1 population and are very costly.
  • Think carefully about where you place your temples, as you may give up an opportunity for taking resources and growing cities by placing temples.
  • Forest temples are cheaper at 15 stars instead of 20, but this only helps if you build them in natural forests because the Grow Forest ability costs 5 stars.
    • The net cost of a Forest Temple is the same as any other temple if you use Grow Forest.
    • Clearing a natural Forest provides a star, so a Forest Temple in a natural Forest only saves 4 stars compared to a different temple.
    • You should buy all of the technologies in Perfection late-game (for the points the technologies themselves provide), regardless of how useless the technologies are, so you will end up purchasing Spiritualism anyway.



Forest Temples[]

Mountain Temples[]

Water Temples[]

Ice Temples[]


  • Forest Temple Inspiration

    The temple-like gazebo that is the basis for the design of the Forest Temple

    The design of the Forest Temple is based off a small temple-like gazebo found in Pildammsparken, a park in Malmö, Sweden.[1]


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