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Legends tell of Topan and Pol, who stepped out of the Moon and onto the Square to become the first Polytopians. As their descendants multiplied and spread across the land, they formed an empire which the tribes know now as "The Ancients." Here begins the story of the Ancient Polytopians.

The Ancients are the common ancestor of all Polytopian tribes. They do not appear in-game and are exclusive to the game's lore and fanbase.

The Ancients formed a great ancient empire that splintered apart in a civil war. Concordance Day commemorates the peace following the end of that war.[1] Ruins are the remains of the Ancients' settlements.[2]

The Ancients have a white turban, a orange beard, and light-blue clothing.


The first appearence of the Ancients.[3]

The first appearence of the Ancients was in a 2018 Tweet where they served as a depiction of the ancient Sumerians.[3]

The Ancients were officially added to the Polyopia mythos with the first Concordance Day celebration in 2019. The Ancients have been featured in the lore blurb of every Concordance Day celebration since then.