What the Ancients are thought to have looked like.

Legends tell of Topan and Pol, who stepped out of the Moon and onto the Square to become the first Polytopians. As their descendants multiplied and spread across the land, they formed an empire which the tribes know now as "The Ancients." Here begins the story of the Ancient Polytopians.

-Prompt for the 2020 Concordance Day championship

The Ancients were a race of Polytopians not found in game and exclusive to the lore. They were said to be the precursors of the Polytopians and founders of an empire. They also provide an explanation as to the presence of Ruins on the square, as well as the origin behind Concordance Day. As they are not in the game in any form, very little is known about them. Based on canon artwork, their colour has been shown to be light blue (the artwork predates the jersey system of Moonrise).


The first Concordance Day celebrated the end of the ancient Polytopian Civil War, fought by the original Polytopians. A simple, yet resourceful folk, the ruins of their many settlements can be found dotting the Square to this day, often harboring Giants, wisdom, and treasure!”

Credit: Harry Wang

In December 2019, a contest to submit an image to go with the given lore blurb above was held by the community manager Zoythrus in anticipation of the first Concordance Day. This was the first known appearance of the Ancients in Polytopia lore. The winning submission was made by Harry Wang.

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