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Welcome to The Battle of Polytopia Wiki, the official wiki of the strategy game The Battle of Polytopia. This is a collaborative encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It contains 166 articles about Polytopia's game mechanics and community and has a Discussions forum.

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The Battle of Polytopia

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The Battle of Polytopia is an award-winning turn-based strategy game about building a civilization and going into battle. With millions of players, it has become one of the most popular mobile strategy games. Players lead one of sixteen tribes, explore the square world, build cities, develop technologies, and wage war against other tribes in order to take control over the mythical land of Polytopia. The game features single-player and multiplayer game modes.

The Battle of Polytopia is developed by Midjiwan AB, which is not responsible for any of this wiki's content.

Cymanti Tribe Week


Polytopia - Lost in the woods

No one could have expected what happened on that fateful day as a band of Polytopians ventured into the Cymantini Forest, forever to be changed by their encounter with the Ciru Bug. Normally parasites, the Ciru Bugs now live in mutualism with their new hosts, lending their enhanced senses for food and protection.

It's the Cymanti Tribe Week, a whole week dedicated to celebrating the Cymanti, our favorite bug-loving hive-mind!

Cymanti Halloween Cosplay Contest

Cymanti Cosplay Contest.png

In celebration of the Cymanti this month, we're doing a Halloween cosplay contest! We want to see your best Cymanti-inspired Halloween costume, so show us your cosplay skills for a chance to win some cool prizes!! 🐛

To compete, make up a costume and send us a picture of you wearing it to feedback@midjiwan.com before we judge them on October 30th. We'll be posting the winner on the 31st, with the winner being chosen by Midjiwan himself!

Have fun! 🎃

Discord Server

Join the official Polytopia Discord server at discord.gg/Polytopia!

Join the Polytopia Discord server: https://discord.gg/Polytopia