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The Battle of Polytopia

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The Battle of Polytopia is an award-winning turn-based strategy game about building a civilization and going into battle. With millions of players, it is one of the most popular mobile strategy games. Players lead one of sixteen tribes, explore the square world, build cities, develop technology, and wage war against other players to take control of the mythical land of Polytopia. The game features single-player and multiplayer game modes.


Zebasi Tribe Moon

Artwork by viera903#4442.

Farming in Zeboya is made much easier with the myriad of irrigation channels built by the Zebasi. Windmills use the power of the wind to power lifts that pull water from Lake Mozimwa into the irrigation network, keeping Waongii, Uzu, Z'nula, and other crops growing all year long!

This month's Tribe Moon celebrates the Zebasi! Join in the celebration and participate in related contests at the official Discord server. All Zebasi merchandise is on sale at the webshop until July 31st!

Trading Cards, Backgrounds, and More Goodies on Steam!

Hey, Steam fans! The wait is over! Now we’re adding emoticons, badges, trading cards, backgrounds and other goodies to Steam, so you can show off your love for Polytopia with pride!

We’ve added the basics:

  • 12 Trading Cards (1 for each of the Regular tribes)
  • 6 Badges (5 normal, 1 Foil)
  • 11 Emoticons (2 Rare, 4 Uncommon, 4 Common)
  • 5 Static Profile Backgrounds

As well as Point Shop items:

  • 3 Animated Profile Backgrounds
  • 3 Animated Stickers
  • 2 Mini-Profile Backgrounds
  • 2 Animated Avatars
  • 2 Animated Profile Frames

Don’t like working with trading cards? All of these items can be purchased on the Point Shop as well!

Now, go get them!

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