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The Battle of Polytopia
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The Battle of Polytopia is an award-winning, turn-based 4X strategy game. Lead one of sixteen tribes and conquer the square world! Expand your empire using an army of units, eliminate enemies in combat, and capture enemy cities. Exploit the resources in the surrounding terrain to increase population, upgrade cities, and produce more stars every turn! Research technology to aid your conquest, but beware that the research costs increase as your empire expands!

Play quick single-player matches, striving for the highest score in 30 turns and a spot on the global leaderboards in Perfection, or ruthlessly eliminating every opponent in Domination! Or battle in thrilling multiplayer games against players around the world online or against your friends and family in Pass & Play!

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About the Wiki

Welcome to the official wiki for The Battle of Polytopia! This wiki is developed and maintained by fans, and everyone is welcome to contribute!

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2020 Trailer
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Luxidoor Tribe Moon

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Unlike other tribes, the Luxidoor democratically elect their Emperor. Of course, the richest candidate always succeeds, because Luxidoorians always vote for the wealthiest. The campaign trail is littered with promises of riches and displays of power to sway potential voters.

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Discounts on all Luxidoor merchandise at the webshop until the end of the month!

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