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A city of the Ai-Mo tribe, late in the game, with several units and terrain improvements.

The Battle of Polytopia, formerly known as Super Tribes, is a turn-based world-building strategy game developed by Midjiwan AB. The player leads one of fourteen Tribes to conquer a square-shaped world by capturing Cities. Cities earn Stars that can be used to research Technologies, train Units to engage in Combat, and develop the surrounding Terrain to gain Population. Be warned, however: the more Cities that are added to the empire, the higher the cost of technological research... and the greater the area that must be protected from the endless onslaught of the other tribes!

You may play in Single player, where the goal of the game is either to gain the highest possible score in 30 turns (Perfection), or to destroy all opposing tribes (Domination).

Alternatively, you could engage in a local multiplayer "Pass & Play" with your friends, or connect with them online and play games from the comfort of your homes!

This Wiki is developed and maintained by fans, and anyone can add or edit its content. The developer is not responsible for this content, but he does visit occasionally to answer questions, and the link to the wiki is also in the game.

Official Description:

Polytopia is a turn based strategic adventure. It's a game about ruling the world, fighting evil AI tribes, discovering new lands and mastering new technologies.

Auto generated maps make each game a new experience, with unlimited replay value.

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New game map

An example map featuring Xin-Xi, Kickoo and Luxidoor tribes.

New tech tree

Zebasi Tech Tree with some technologies researched.



Have YOU wishlisted the PC & Mac OS version that will be launched on Steam yet? Don't miss out on the early bird discounts & perks! Log in/Create a free account in the Battle of Polytopia page on Steam and select “Add to Your wishlist”. The Steam version will cost $9.99 USD and have all human tribes. Multiplayer will be cross-platform. It also features map presets (dryland, archipelago etc), larger maps, and keyboard shortcuts. It will release in Spring 2019.

The new Yădakk tribe has been released, and are the final human tribe!

Recently the "Snappy" update has been released, introducing the new Yădakk tribe, which start with Roads. The online multiplayer server was also improved on greatly, with both faster speeds and more consistency introduced.

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