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Stone of Time Updated

The Stone of Time, the calendar that dictates the times at which tribe celebrations occur.

Tribe celebrations, including Tribe Moons, Tribe Weeks, and Tribe Days, commemorate a specific tribe in Polytopia. During a tribe celebration, a lore blurb and image about the celebrated tribe are released and the merchandise of the tribe is discounted on the webshop.


As there are 12 regular tribes, each regular tribe is celebrated during a certain month of the year. The name and order of these celebrations has varied from year to year. An official digital calendar of the tribe celebrations can be found here.

Tribe Days (2019)[]

In 2019, Tribe Days celebrating the regular tribes occured on last day of every month.

Tribe Moons[]

Stone of Time

The original Stone Of Time. Its description on Instagram reads: "By decree of the divine ruler Midjiwan, a new age has been announced! It is the age of the Stone of Time, a sacred tablet that divides the year to honour the twelve original tribes of the Polytopian square."

Tribe Moons are month-long celebrations of the regular tribes. They are primarily celebrated on the first of each month, when the lore blurb and image are posted. Tribe Moons have been celebrated since January 2020. Their schedule is enumerated in the Stone of Time.

*In 2021, the Hoodrick and Quetzali Tribe Moons were swapped. In 2020, the Hoodrick Tribe Moon took place in September, and the Quetzali Tribe Moon took place in October.

Special Tribes[]

  • Aquarion is celebrated in mid-July. It had a Tribe Day on July 20th, 2020 and a Tribe Week from 2021 onward.
  • ∑∫ỹriȱŋ is traditionally involved in an Earth Day donation event every year that, since 2021, has coincided with its Tribe Week.
  • Polaris has a Tribe Week in mid-January, which was first celebrated in 2021.
  • Cymanti has a Tribe Week in the last week of October, which was first celebrated in 2021.





All 2022 tribe celebration posters were made by fan artists in the Polytopia community.