Tribe celebrations are special periods that commemorate a specific tribe in Polytopia. During a tribe celebration, a lore blurb and image is posted, the merchandise of the tribe receives discounts on the webshop, and (for regular tribes) the custom emoji for the Giant on the Polytopia Discord server is changed to the tribe's Giant. The length of a tribe celebration varies from a day (Tribe Days) or week (Tribe Weeks) to a month (Tribe Moons). All of these celebrations are functionally identical.


Tribe Days (2019)

Tribe Days celebrated regular tribes in 2019. They occurred on the last day of the month.

Tribe Moons

The Stone Of Time. Its official description reads: "By decree of the divine ruler Midjiwan, a new age has been announced! It is the age of the Stone of Time, a sacred tablet that divides the year to honour the twelve original tribes of the Polytopian square."[1]

Tribe Moons are primarily celebrated on the first of each month, when the lore blurb and image are posted. All Tribe Moons celebrate regular tribes. The Stone of Time has dictated the schedule for Tribe Moons since it was established in January 2020.

Special Tribes

Aquarion and Polaris have had tribe celebrations since July 2020. Aquarion has a Tribe Day on July 20th, and Polaris has a Tribe Week in January. ∑∫ỹriȱŋ is traditionally involved in an Earth Day donation event.






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