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Tribe celebrations are special periods that celebrate the tribes in Polytopia. Tribe celebrations include Tribe Moons, Tribe Weeks, and Tribe Days. During a tribe celebration, a lore blurb and image are posted and the merchandise of the tribe is discounted on the webshop.


Tribe Days (2019)[]

In 2019, Tribe Days celebrating regular tribes were held on last day of each month.

Tribe Moons[]

The Stone Of Time. Its description on Instagram reads: "By decree of the divine ruler Midjiwan, a new age has been announced! It is the age of the Stone of Time, a sacred tablet that divides the year to honour the twelve original tribes of the Polytopian square."

Tribe Moons are month-long celebrations of regular tribes. They are primarily celebrated on the first of each month, when the lore blurb and image are posted. Tribe Moons have been celebrated since January 2020. Their schedule is outlined in the Stone of Time.

Special Tribes[]

  • Aquarion had a Tribe Day on July 20th, 2020 and a Tribe Week in 2021.
  • ∑∫ỹriȱŋ is traditionally involved in an Earth Day donation event every year.
  • Polaris has a Tribe Week in mid-January. Polaris Tribe Week was first celebrated in 2021.
  • Cymanti has not had a tribe celebration yet.