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The tribe selection menu

For resource spawn rate modifiers, see Map Generation.

Tribes are civilizations that players play as. Each tribe has a unique starting technology and resource spawn rates. There are sixteen tribes, including twelve regular tribes and four special tribes, which each have their own unique technology tree, units, and buildings.

Tribes are unlocked via microtransactions. On mobile, four tribes—Xin-xi, Imperius, Bardur, and Oumaji—are available for free; the others are available as in-app purchases that cost from $0.99 to $4.49 USD. On Steam, all regular tribes are included in the base game, and special tribes are available as DLC. Purchases help to pay for game development, maintain servers, and keep the game free of advertisements.[1]

Each tribe has a unique cosmetic design for terrain, units, cities, and monuments. Each tribe also has its own music and ambience, which plays when its "native" tiles are selected. For instance, a rattlesnake is heard on Oumaji tiles, and howling wind and wolves are heard on Bardur tiles. Every tribe starts the game with one unit in its capital. Most tribes start with a Warrior. Some tribes start with the unit associated with their starting technology.

More tribes will continue to be added in the future; however, all future tribes will be special tribes.[2]

List of Tribes[]

Regular Tribes[]

Regular tribes, formerly known as human tribes, share the same technology tree, units, and buildings.

On mobile, all paid regular tribes cost $0.99 USD, except Luxidoor, which costs $3.99 USD. The Steam version includes all regular tribes.

Image Name Starting Technology Release Date Color
Xin-Xi Xin-xi Climbing February 4, 2016   (#cc0000)
Imperius 2018 Imperius Organization February 4, 2016   (#0000ff)
Bardur Bardur Hunting February 4, 2016   (#352514)
Oumaji 2021 Oumaji Riding February 4, 2016   (#ffff00)
Kickoo Kickoo Fishing February 4, 2016   (#00ff00)
Hoodrick Hoodrick Archery March 23, 2016   (#996600)
Luxidoor Luxidoor None (starts with a level 2 city) March 23, 2016   (#ab3bd6)
Vengir Head Moonrise Vengir Smithery June 23, 2016   (#ffffff)
Zebasi Zebasi Farming August 4, 2016   (#ff9900)
Ai-Mo Ai-Mo Meditation December 1, 2016   (#36e2aa)
Quetzali Quetzali Strategy October 19, 2017   (#275c4a)
Yadakk Yădakk Roads December 25, 2018   (#7d231c)

Special Tribes[]

Special tribes have a unique technology tree, units, and buildings.

All special tribes cost $1.99 USD on mobile and $2.99 USD on Steam.

Image Name Starting Technology Release Date Color
Aquarion Aquarion Riding June 8, 2017   (#f38381)
Elyrion ∑∫ỹriȱŋ Forest Magic May 24, 2018   (#ff0099)
Polaris Polaris Frostwork June 14, 2019   (#b6a185)
Cymanti Cymanti Farming February 17, 2021   (#c2fd00)

Tribe Skins[]

13 of the tribes have cosmetic skins, which can be purchased through microtransactions. These skins change the tribe's music, units, cities, and sometimes terrain. However, the bot name and tribe colour are not changed.

Image Tribe Skin Name Description
Baergoff Bardur Baergøff The Baergøff are the Bardur’s elite hunters. Clad in the sanctified pelt of their first Baerion kill, they’re ready for anything!
Yorthwober Hoodrick Yorthwober Bands of the Hoodrick’s finest sharpshooters and survivalists, the Yorthwober know their way around combat just as well as they do the hills and forests.
Cultist Vengir Cultist Fanatical Vengir Cultists devoted to Burzgor shrug off their flesh in the harrowing Thdkrkr Ritual to show their dedication to revenge.
Lirepacci Imperius Lirepacci The scholarly Lirepacci have ventured out of Imperia to gain new perspectives on life through warfare, the study of other cultures, and hours of philosophical debate.
Sha-po Xin-xi Sha-po In the misty hills around Mt. Xin-xi resides the Sha-po, a secretive legion of assassins trained in the arts of dealing a silent death to anyone who opposes the Xin-xi Empire.
Aumux Luxidoor Aumux The Aumux Mercenaries are ruthless, effective, and more willing to destroy their foes, desolate the land, and empty the treasury of their employers in their insatiable, all-consuming greed.
Ragoo Kickoo Ragoo The scourge of the waters, the bane of navies, the serpents of the seas - the Ragoo Pirates! Their fleets of ships and lust for plunder are ready to expand their operations from the Kickoo Isles to the rest of the Square!
Khondor Oumaji Khondor This ancient order of Khondor Honor Guards has been around for ages, and they're here to return the Oumaji to a more "civilized" time.
Anzala Zebasi Anzala The disciples of Anzala prefer the ways of art and expression over the scientific curiosity of their Zebasi siblings, and now they're here, with the Square as their canvas!
To Lï Ai-Mo To-Lï The To Lï rigorously train their bodies and minds in their sturdy Binba forests, and are here to show their strength and discipline to the Square.
Ürkaz Yădakk Ürkaz The gruff Ürkaz from the Khalee Highlands control the criminal underground of the Yădakk, and nothing is off limits are they establish economic domination of the Square!
Iqaruz Quetzali Iqaruz Some Quetzali have taken their devotion to the Bird Gods to new heights as they try to transform themselves into actual birds. They look pretty but unfortunately they cannot fly.
Midnight ∑∫ỹriȱŋ ₼idŋighţ The ₼idŋighţ cult has been corrupted by the Shard of D'Naeh, a mystical relic fueled by darkness. Through necromancing practices they can summon demons from graves in the dark forests.

Tribe Name Pronunciations[]

The official pronunciations[3] for the tribe names are:

  • Xin-xi: Chin-chee
  • Imperius: Im-peer-ee-us
  • Bardur: Bar-dur
  • Oumaji: Oo-mah-zhee
  • Kickoo: Ki-koo
  • Hoodrick: Hoo-drick
  • Luxidoor: Lux-ih-door
  • Zebasi: Zeh-bah-see
  • Vengir: Ven-geer (not Ven-jeer, but a hard G, as in "graph" or "good")
  • Ai-Mo: I-mo
  • Quetzali: Ket-zah-lee (not "Qu" like you'd expect, but "K", to mirror the Spanish pronunciation)
  • Yadakk: Yad-ak
  • Aquarion: Ah-quar-ee-on
  • Elyrion: Eee-leer-ee-on
  • Polaris: Po-lar-is
  • Cymanti: Sih-mahn-tee

Disabling Tribes[]

Disabled Tribe Example

The Xin-Xi tribe has been disabled, as shown by its greyed-out tribe head.

Tribe disabled; it cannot be used by you or the AI.

–In-game description

A player can disable a tribe, which prevents the player and their opponents from picking the tribe. This is done in the tribe picker menu; pressing and holding a tribe head disables (or enables) all other tribes.

Disabling tribes does not decrease the maximum number of opponents allowed; multiple opponents can play as the same tribe (albeit using different colors) when necessary.


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