Most units have certain skills that make them special in combat. The skills a unit has can be found under the skills section when viewing the information of a troop. Here is a list of them and which unit has what skill.


The Warrior model, the “skills” line being on the bottom


The dash skill allows a unit to attack after it has moved during its turn.

Units with dash


If a unit with the "Escape" skill attacks another unit and the attacker is still alive, then it is given the option to move once more, even if it already moved earlier. (Ex: A rider moves next to an enemy warrior. The rider attacks the warrior. (It doesn't matter if the rider kills the warrior or not- as long as the rider is alive.) The rider is given an extra turn to move.)

Units with escape


Allows the unit to traverse on Water and Ocean after moving onto a port. Upon disembarking, the unit returns to its land form. (Navigation must be researched to travel on Ocean, regardless of the unit having the Carry skill.)

Units with Carry


Scout allows the unit to explore a 5x5 radius instead of 3x3.

Units with Scout


Sneak makes the unit unaffected by movement barriers (Mountains and Forests).

Units with Sneak


Allows the unit to destroy any unit and buildings (Ex: Lumber Hut) by moving onto them.

Units with Crush

Persist Edit

Persist allows a unit to immediately attack again after it kills another unit, giving the possibility of destroying huge armies with a single unit.

Units with Persist

Convert Edit

Convert allows a unit to convert an enemy unit to the player's tribe.

Units with Convert

Note: Converting a Knight or Rider as Aquarion will transform the unit into their respective Aquarion forms, but converting an Aquarion-specific unit as any other tribe will keep the special unit as it is.

Heal Edit

Heal allows units to heal every adjacent friendly unit that doesn't have full health.

Units with Heal

Swim Edit

Swim allows units to travel back and forth from water to land.

Units with Swim

Grow Edit

Grow allows units to transform into another unit after a certain specified period of time.

Units with Grow

Fly Edit

Fly allows units to bypass terrain, move on all types of terrain and explore a 5x5 radius, similar to scout and sneak. Additionally, flying units can’t capture cities or examine Ruins.

Units with Fly

Splash Edit

Splash allows units to hit all enemies in a 3x3 radius of the target for just above 50% of initial damage.

Units with Splash

Navigate Edit

Navigate allows units to immediately travel on ocean when they are created, regardless of techs researched.

Units with Navigate

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