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The United Tribes of Polytopia (UTOP) was formed by the tribal leaders to bring peace and prosperity to the Square.
-Official UTOP description.

The first Polytopia merchandise ever released.

The United Tribes of Polytopia (abbreviated as UTOP) was the theme of the first official Polytopia garment, on the 26th of August, 2016."[1] A few weeks later, the developer Midjiwan posted an image captioned "This might be the capital of the United Tribes of Polytopia." It features city buildings from every tribe that had been released at that time.

The name was also used for a Discord server in 2018, the UTOP Discord server. The server was at one point given official recognition from the official Discord, but this status was later revoked due to the UTOP admins refusing to cooperate with the main server.

Midjiwan: "This might be the capital of the United Tribes of Polytopia."[2]


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