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Units are troops used for expansion and combat.

There are 37 unit types in Polytopia, and every type has unique stats and skills. The most basic unit type is the Warrior. Other types include the Rider, which has extra movement, and the Archer, which has a ranged attack. Every unit type is unlocked by a technology (except the Warrior, which is unlocked for all tribes at the start of the game). Some unit types are unique to a special tribe. Furthermore, every unit type has an unique icon shown at every unit's upper right on the map. For example, the icon for a Rider is shaped like the head of a horse. These icons can be used to determine which unit a naval vessel carries at a glance.

Units are primarily obtained by training them in cities. Every unit type has a specific cost. Also, a unit can be Disbanded, which removes the unit and returns half of its cost (rounded down).

A super unit is the most powerful unit of its tribe. They are primarily obtained through city upgrades. The super unit of all regular tribes is the Giant. Special tribes have unique super units.

Every tribe starts the game with one unit in its capital. Most tribes start with a Warrior. Other tribes may start with a unit associated with their starting technology.

The aesthetics of every unit change based on the tribe it belongs to. Every tribe has a unique color and helmet. (In mirror matches where multiple players use the same tribe, different players of the same tribe are distinguished by different colors.) Also, the animals that mounted units (like the Rider) use vary from tribe to tribe. Finally, the Battleship has a tribe-specific decoration.

Unit Stats[]

The information box of a Warrior, which includes its stats

Unit stats are associated with the unit type. Every unit type has unique stats.

Stat Description

Determines the maximum health of the unit. The health stat of veteran units is increased by 5 HP.

For information on healing, see Unit Abilities.

Attack Determines how much damage the unit deals when it attacks. For more information, see Combat.
Defence Determines how much retaliation damage the unit deals and how much damage it takes when attacked. For more information, see Combat.
Movement Determines how far the unit can move, barring other factors like terrain. For more information, see Movement.
Range Determines how close enemy units have to be for the unit to attack them. A unit can attack enemy units whose distance, as measured using chessboard distance, is not more than the unit's range stat.

Unit Skills[]

Main article: Unit Skills

Unit Actions[]

Unit actions are actions that units can take on any given turn instead of moving and/or attacking. Some unit actions are only available to units with certain skills or are unlocked by a certain technology, while other unit actions are immediately available to all units.

Action Icon Description

Heal a unit by up to 4 HP in friendly territory and 2 HP elsewhere. (Cannot heal past maximum health.) Removes poison and heals 0 HP if the unit is poisoned.

Available to all units below their maximum health.

Note: If a unit does not take any actions in a given turn, it will automatically heal if it can do so.

Tribe head.png

Removes a unit and refunds half its cost, rounded down.

Available to all units once Free Spirit has been researched.

See Disband for more information.

Heal Others
Heal others.png

Heals all adjacent friendly units by up to 4 HP. (Cannot heal past maximum health.)

Only available to units with the heal skill (the Mind Bender).

Break Ice
Break Ice icon.png

Breaks all adjacent ice tiles into the tile it was before. Can only be used when there is an adjacent ice tile.

Available to all units except those with the freeze area skill (the Mooni and the Gaami).

Freeze Area
Freeze Area icon.png

Freezes all adjacent water tiles into ice and converts all adjacent land tiles into Polaris land if the unit belongs to the Polaris tribe. Also freezes all adjacent units.

Only available to units with the freeze area skill (the Mooni and the Gaami).


Boosts all adjacent friendly units, increasing their attack by 0.5 and movement by 1 until their next action (excluding moving).

Only available to units with the boost skill (the Shaman).

Explode icon.png

Damages and poisons all adjacent enemy units. (Damage dealt is equal to half of the unit’s current health.) Removes the unit and leaves spores (on land) or Algae (in water) in its place.

Only available to units with the explode skill (the Segment, the Raychi, and the Doomux).

Veteran Units[]

Once a unit kills three enemy units (through attacks or retaliation), it can be promoted to a veteran. Promoting a unit increases its maximum health by five and then heals the unit completely. Therefore, players may choose to save promotions to nullify later damage.

The following units cannot be promoted:

List of Units[]

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