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This page contains the update history of The Battle of Polytopia, copied from Steam and the App Store and edited for readability.

Version 1 used Adobe AIR, while version 2—the current version, named Moonrise—uses Unity.

Version 2 - Moonrise[]

Main article: The Battle of Polytopia: Moonrise

Bold text indicates a major content update.

Version 2.1 - Diplomacy[]

Version Date Platform(s) Changelog (beta) 5/6/2022 Steam


  • Added Diplomacy translations
  • Added new message when get peace offer from unknown tribe
  • Added touch feedback on all sliders
  • Small UI improvements in Game Stats screen
  • Improved relation buttons appearance
  • Improved tribe button appearance
  • Improved Tribe Info popup
  • Improved ∑∫ỹriȱŋ names
  • Improved Detect skill design
  • Fixed attacking players right after breaking the peace (beta) 5/6/2022 Steam


This build doesn't contain replays.

  • Clear Forest was moved to the Forestry tech
  • Update daggers graphics
  • Improved AI behaviour
  • Added info button in Riots messages
  • Update broken peace and destroyed embassy popups
  • Added "Hostile" state when peace is broken
  • Added info popup when player cannot establish embassy or send peace treaty
  • Removed diplomacy actions from bottom menu, now they are only available in tribe info popup
  • Adjust animations when placing and destroying embassies
  • Invisible cloaks are not revealing by splash attacks now
  • Prevent possible diplomatic contacts with nature
  • Update camera zooming when revealing player's capitals
  • Other UI improvements (beta) 4/7/2022 Steam


  • Added new "Boot Camp" tutorial, which will play as either your first game or if you tap "Boot Camp" when creating a New Game
  • Online friends (green dot near player name as indicator that he is online, second thing is that
  • Players can now see when other players are making a move in real time
  • Players will receive notification when someone is kicked or resign from the game
  • Steam notifications are now required to be turn on for online multiplayer on pc
  • ELO is shown on friend’s profile
  • All information that were showed for friends (played games, number of friends, elo etc.) are now also showed for all players
  • Players can now start game directly from the friend profile to have it already invited
  • Fixed visual issues on Linux and Mac (beta) 3/24/2022 Steam


  • Reduced Kiton HP (20HP->15HP)
  • Increased Cloak cost (5->8)
  • Mind Benders detects invisible units (there is small dot on unit icon)
  • Update riots (now number of Daggers depends on city level and riots prevent income)
  • Update Daggers spawn (now they're more spread out, and prioritize areas with defense bonuses)
  • Revert Windmill & Mint mechanics (we'll look back into this later, but for now, reverted)


  • New Cloak & Dagger sprites
  • Added relation bar in tribe info screen
  • Changed breaking peace logic (now second player cannot attack first player for one turn, but can move units and prepare defense)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Mindbenders can't convert Centipede Segments
  • Fixed Persist now working properly
  • Fixed camera centering when spawning Daggers
  • Fixed units can use enemy roads
  • New sounds for Dagger attack
  • Cloaks now can't infiltrate sieged cities 3/2/2022 Steam


  • Countdown timer next to my matches is gone
  • Game crashes when trying to open pass & play games
  • Old games show up as ongoing under replays
  • Games get created in version 60, not version 70
  • Replays often fail to load (404 message)
  • Game could not be loaded (1012)
  • Couldn't lock a tribe and got error 500
2.1.0 (beta) 1/27/2022 Steam


Diplomacy Features
  • Shields technology renamed to Strategy
  • New Peace Treaty option added to Strategy
  • New Diplomacy technology after Strategy
  • New Capital vision ability that reveals other players' capitals
  • New Embassy building, which is built in other players' capitals and produces income for both tribes
  • New Cloak unit, invisible while moving, infiltrates enemy cities
  • New Dagger unit, spawns when a Cloak infiltrates a city,
  • New Tribe Info screen with more detailed info about your opponents
  • Improved AI players

Balance Adjustments

  • Knight HP down to 10
  • Knight price back to 8 stars
  • Forge replaced by Mint, which produces 1 star per adjacent Mine
  • Windmill produces 2 population per adjacent farm
  • Clear Forest reward back to 1 star

Version 2.0[]

Version Date Platform(s) Changelog
2.0.67 2/24/2022 Mobile
  • Fixed top bar issue
2.0.66 2/3/2022 Steam


  • Turned off online friends feature
  • Iteration of fixes for game crashing cases
2.0.65 1/26/2022 Steam


  • Added online friends feature
  • New about page
  • Fixed light mode bug [mobile only]
2.0.62 12/17/2021 Steam


  • Fixed a bug where some players couldn't finish game
  • Added the possibility to resign from games that are corrupted
  • Fixed a bug where in older games the meet tribe pop up was displaying the wrong icon
  • Fixed a bug with -1 game version on friends pop up
  • Fixed a bug where after receiving a notification players had to manually refresh the games list to see it updated
  • Added a Russian translation provided by the community (thanks to Illantalex, QuasiStellar, Saichi2Taiko, and Oleg_1111 for their hard work)
  • Backend and client optimizations
  • Added Steam desktop notifications [Steam only]
  • Fixed a problem with macOS UI scale [Steam only]
2.0.61 10/26/2021 Steam


  • Adjusted enabling/disabling all tribes so that it does not trigger when scrolling
  • Fixed bug where units in technology tree would get the status effect of the last visited unit
  • Fixed bug where you would be counted as winner if you died but the real winner resigned
  • Fixed crash in second turn of a pass and play game after viewing technology tree
  • Fixed crash on startup for users with Turkish as system language
2.0.60 10/5/2021 Mobile

Big Changes:

  • Added "Small" (196) map type to both Creative and Multiplayer game modes
  • Fixed "Creative Continents" bug, so Creative map types should work again
  • Fixed crash with some devices in Turkish
  • Fixed "Double Ruin" and "Explorer Reset" exploits, as well as others
  • Improved multitouch support

Small Changes:

  • Adjusted unit tint coloring
  • Fixed ELO reporting the wrong winner in some instances
  • Improved support for long aliases
  • Adjusted UI scaling for technology trees
  • Fixed small issues with notifications
  • Adjusted "Sunrise" Easter egg to render better
  • Fixed "Multiplayer Difficulty" bug
  • Small adjustments to signing in with Google Play
  • Tons of small fixes
2.0.59 9/30/2021 Steam
2.0.58 9/8/2021 Steam


Balance Pass 2

General Balance:

  • Increased income for Clear Forest to 2 stars
  • Increased price of Knight to 10 stars
  • Lowered price of Burn Forest to 2 stars
  • ∑∫ỹriȱŋ can no longer use Burn Forest
  • Improved map generator with distribution of resources closer tied to the tribe nature settings
  • Replaced Giant reward in ruins with a veteran Swordsman
  • Ruins can now appear next to villages and are more likely to appear on mountains
  • Replaced technology stealing when meeting a new tribe with star rewards based on that tribes score (three stars per 1000 points, rounded up; capped at 12 stars)
  • Mountain defence bonus moved to Climbing technology

Cymanti Balance:

New Features:

  • ELO rating for multiplayer games
  • Show win ratio on friend info

UI Improvements

  • Added zoom in technology tree
  • Technology tree has the same background as the game-world
  • Added the ability to enable/disable all tribes in the tribe-picker screen by long-pressing
  • Soft keyboard no longer covers the "add friend" popup
  • Multitouch improved
  • Game stats info screen reworked
  • Bunch of minor bug fixes
  • Updated Oumaji headscarf
2.0.53 6/9/2021 Steam


  • Battle preview
  • Award kills correctly when a unit explodes
  • Mycelium no longer gives movement bonus
  • Finish metropolis task when capturing high-level city
  • More likely to spawn further apart
  • Sound updates
  • Adjustments to Russian localization
  • Dim background for better readability in menus
  • Moved add friend button to top
  • Fixed random tribe picking in online games
2.0.49 4/21/2021 Steam


Balance Pass 1

To make the game more fun and fair we are making some changes to balance the game.

This first balance pass brings the following:

  • Whales no longer spawn next to cities or other whales
  • Clear Forest moved from Forestry to Free Spirit (open up for some interesting strategies)
  • Clear Forest reward changed to 1 star
  • Luxidoor capital is now level 2 instead of level 3 on game start (still impressive though)

Other improvements:

  • Make it possible to play while the resources are counting at the beginning of the turn
  • Show a notification and a badge when you have new friend requests
  • Fixed a bunch of small bugs
2.0.46 2/23/2021 Steam


Fixed some bugs with the bugs:
  • Adjustments to temple scores and descriptions
  • Allow healing when hp is full but unit is poisoned
  • Algae outside borders give population when expanding borders
  • Standing on Mycelium heals
  • Ruins don't give explorers if the explorers can't move
  • Explorers can move on Algae
  • Soft-lock after levelling up city to level 5 with Fungi fixed
  • Converted independents no longer get tied to a city
  • Centipede push order prioritize direction of its following segment to avoid getting stretched
  • Xin-xi and Quetzali metal rates restored to pre-Cymanti levels
  • Bunnies and Algae can coexist in harmony
  • Fixed bug where boost info would be shown in non-boosted unit info popups
  • Made city level ups more robust when server connection is poor
  • Fix crash when trying to open game that waits for nature
  • Network setting in game setup is no longer doubled
  • Cymanti Battleship graphics fixed
  • Mixed Shaman gets correct head
  • Localization fixes
2.0.45 2/20/2021 Mobile

If a bug explodes in the forest and nobody sees, does it still soft-lock the game?

Not anymore!

2.0.44 2/17/2021 Steam


  • Coaxed the Cymanti from their wetlands out into the Square — The Cymanti have joined as a new Special Tribe!
  • Taught the Polytopians about how to improve their schools through the power of reading, so Literacy (Philosophy) now gives a 33% technology discount (20% -> 33%)
  • ∑∫ỹriȱŋ Polytaurs are no longer bound to their place of enchantment and no longer take up a population slot in the city where they’re made
  • Various bug fixes and improvements (and the addition of new bugs, both big and small, of course)
Cymanti Release.png
2.0.40 2/5/2021 Mobile
  • Patches bug where the game appears to load twice when opening a multiplayer game for the first time
2.0.38 1/26/2021 Steam


  • Improved ruin spawns
  • Internal tribe disputes have been settled (random siege fires fixed)
  • Fixed achieving Metropolis by taking over high level city
  • Fixed ability to promote unit after capturing city
  • Meet tribe triggers when discovering enemy city
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
2.0.32 12/18/2020 Steam
  • Fixed crop outline size
  • Fixed interaction bar double-animating if visiting settings
  • Optimizations
  • Fix bug where you end up waiting for nature
  • Fix bug where meeting tribes would not trigger popup
  • Fix bug where city connections did not update when freezing / unfreezing
  • Fix bug where you didn't get unit upgrade options
  • Adjusted drag sensitivity
  • Various bug fixes 12/11/2020 Steam
  • Fixed a bug where you sometimes have to press a tile several times to select it 12/3/2020 Steam


  • Any unit can capture cities (even if the text says otherwise)
  • Sanctuaries no longer count animals that live in forests with Lumber Huts
  • Fix incorrect score when you enchant an animal on a tile with a unit (push a unit by spawning a Polytaur)
  • Fix unresponsive buttons
  • Optimizations
  • Various bugfixes
  • Improved mouse and stylus support [mobile only]
2.0 11/23/2020 Mobile MAJOR UPDATE
  • Multiplayer matchmaking. (Find players all over the world)
  • Mirror Matches. (Meet opponents with the same tribe)
  • Multiplayer Real time view.
  • New map size (massive).
  • Configurable map types.
  • Creative Game mode. (Set up any kind of you like - even with no opponents)
  • Player Avatars.
  • Russian translation of the game.
2.0.27 11/6/2020 Steam
  • Various bug fixes
2.0.22 10/27/2020 Steam
  • Added ability to see pending friends in the player picker
  • Various bug fixes
2.0.21 10/16/2020 Steam
  • Fixed an issue causing Kickoo to sometimes spawn with only one fish
  • Fixed an issue with some tasks not updating upon completion
  • Improved the replay experience when playing the same game on multiple devices
  • Various bugfixes and improvements
2.0.20 10/1/2020 Steam Bug Fixes:
  • Added map type to game summary and tribe picking
  • Fixed an issue that enabled Navalons to capture unowned villages
  • Fixed an issue that caused the replay to continue playing behind popups
  • Fixed an issue with underflowing currency when upgrading a city beyond level 10
  • Fixed an issue where players became a bot’s tribe in multiplayer
  • Fixed kick/resign related issues
  • Various UI and crash fixes

Balance Changes:

  • General:
    • Mountain spawn rate increased: 0.15 → 0.2
    • Metal spawn rate increased: 0.5 → 0.85
  • Xin-xi:
    • Mountain spawn rate increased: 1.5 → 2
    • Metal spawn rate increased: 1 → 1.5
  • Quetzali:
    • Metal spawn rate increased: 0.1 → 1
2.0.17 9/2/2020 Steam
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the game from loading some graphical assets and sprites
  • Fixed an issue that enabled destroying and rebuilding of monuments
  • Various replay improvements
  • Various UI improvements
2.0.15 8/6/2020 Steam
  • Removed mandatory singleplayer tutorial
2.0.(?) 8/4/2020 Steam Initial release of The Battle of Polytopia: Moonrise.

Version 1 - Adobe AIR[]

1.15.5 Jul 1, 2020[]

  • Fixed bug with purchases not saving locally when "Personal Data" was disabled.

1.15.4 Jun 23, 2020[]

  • Fixed a bug with saving your purchased tribes and new high scores

1.15.3 Jun 16, 2020[]

  • Moving to a new user database, preparing for great things to come. You should not notice any difference; if you do, please contact feedback@midjiwan.com and we will help you out.

1.15.2 Jun 4, 2020[]

The Instagram post announcing the Spanish, Italian, and French translations

  • French, Italian and Spanish translation of the game.
  • New start screen background graphics.
  • Minor bug fixes.

1.15.1 Apr 14, 2020[]

The Instagram post announcing the German translation

  • German translation of the game (plus a secret language added) [the Elyrion language Easter Egg]
  • Made the bots more likely to pick "expand borders" over "population" city bonus.
  • Fixed a bug causing yellow screen crash if you added a broken custom language file

1.15.0 "Língua" Jan 7, 2020[]

The Instagram post announcing the Brazilian Portuguese translation

We have translated the whole game to Portuguese! More languages coming in the future.

1.14.2 Oct 7, 2019[]

  • Fixed screen fit bug on iPhone 11
  • Added something strange [the Mixed Tribes Easter egg]

1.14.1 Jul 5, 2019[]

Some bug fixes and modifications to Polaris.

  • Ice Bank now has 10 levels [formerly had 8 levels]
  • Outpost only gives 1 population [formerly gave 2 population]
  • Improved explanation of penalties for skate units

Fixed bugs:

  • Gaami freeze animation on each move
  • Ships become land units when water under them freeze
  • Pushing a Gaami from a city by building a Giant crashes the game

1.14 "Freeze" Jun 14, 2019[]

The Instagram post announcing the release of Polaris

Finally, after years of rumors, the Polaris tribe has emerged from the subzero regions! They are a special tribe with the unique ability to freeze regions of the map! The Polaris will introduce a wide range of features such as Sleds, Ice Magic, Evil Gaamis and much more...

1.13.3 Jun 6, 2019[]

Bug fixes and improvements.

1.13.2 May 21, 2019[]

Bug fixes and improvements

1.13.1 Apr 29, 2019[]

Bug fixes and minor adjustments

1.13 "QoL and Design" Apr 8, 2019[]

  • A royal makeover of the design to celebrate the new Polytopia Logo.
  • "Pick Random Tribe" magic button!
  • Complete removal of the old multiplayer server

1.12.1 Jan 16, 2019[]

A patch with some bug fixes for the public release:

  • Fixed bug with kicking other players
  • Fixed bug with disappearing hint buttons on the map
  • Better loading of images in the news section
  • Kicked players now get properly notified
  • Fixed bug that caused strangeness when resigning the game after you picked tribe but before the game had started
  • Fixed bug that multiplayer is stuck loading player data forever
  • Fixed bug when adding a empty string as the ID for a new friend

1.12 "Snappy A" Dec 25, 2018[]

The Instagram post announcing the release of Yădakk

  • Introducing the Yădakk, once a nomadic desert tribe, now the traders of the square connecting their cities with an impressive network of roads. Yădakk start the game with the "Roads" technology.
  • Brand new multiplayer server that can handle the massive pressure of all ongoing multiplayer games better. It will deliver a snappier experience and also introduce a few new features:
    • Stay in the game after your turn ends and wait for your opponents move.
    • Resign a game even if it is not your turn
    • Improved game name generator for higher diversity

1.11.2 Sep 6, 2018[]

  • Improved notification system for multiplayer games.
  • Made the AI more reasonable and less aggressive.
  • Bug fixes

1.11.1 Jun 20, 2018[]

This is a small patch that fixes some bits & bots that was wonky in the last version, including but not limited to:

  • Fixed bug with clouds that would not disappear when exploring. 
  • Improved info about where to build Sanctuaries and made it possible to build them with no animals around to repopulate forests.
  • Corrected missing score/rating stars on tribe popups
  • Fixed bug that made newly started multiplayer games go into deadlock after picking tribes.

1.11 “Rainbow A” May 24, 2018[]

The Instagram post announcing the release of ∑∫ỹriȱŋ

Ever since the dawn of Polytopian time, unicorns and rainbows have been a popular demand by the community. Now the time has come! I have teamed up with the most imaginative person I know, my 5-year old kid, to create a tribe out of the ordinary. 

Unicorns, Dragons, Polytaurs and crystal Sanctuaries.

Meet the ∑∫ỹriȱŋ!

1.10.3 Mar 27, 2018[]

  • Fixed a bug that caused units to become invisible in multiplayer games
  • Made it possible to reload a multiplayer game if it got stuck by some reason (just tap the green/red timer and you will see a "reload" button)
  • General improvements to the multiplayer server

1.10.2 Mar 4, 2018[]

  • Fixed the "black screen of death" bug that some older iPads suffered from.

1.10.1 Feb 15, 2018[]

  • Fixed a bug that caused some multiplayer games to stop working.

1.10 “Multitopia A” Feb 15, 2018[]

The Instagram post announcing the release of online multiplayer

After months of testing and blisters on my keyboard fingers, it is finally here: Challenge your friends and enemies in ONLINE MULTIPLAYER games!

  • Works cross platform (Android & iOS)
  • Free for anyone who has purchased any of the paid tribes.
  • Up to 12 Players in each game.

We are also sporting an updated UI that looks a lot more squoochie and wimbiewoo.

Full resolution support for all devices, including iPhone X.

This is the first take on online multiplayer, and I have lots of cool things I want to add to it in the future. Midjiwan is basically a one man operation, so development will take some time. In the meantime, play nice!

1.9 "New World" Oct 18, 2017[]

While Midjiwan is on "Parental Leave," we, the Quetzali tribe, are taking over this show. We will release our people from the moist dungeons of Polytopia to once again populate the square with style!

  • Added the Quetzali tribe

1.8.1 Jun 16, 2017[]

Fixed a bug with those cheap ruins not giving you your well deserved treasures.

1.8 "Atlantis" Jun 8, 2017[]

From the deep ocean a long lost tribe appears, the Aquarion! They are the first tribe ever to have unique units and a modified tech tree.

  • New Aquarion tribe
  • Improved map generator with more intersecting continents
  • Increased movement for Ships
  • Option to confirm when ending your turn
  • Access settings menu from the start screen
  • Long press end turn to move to the next unit
  • Some bug fixes

1.7 "Power" Mar 31, 2017[]

The Instagram post announcing update 1.7

This is a major update that balances the gameplay by adding and modifying units and technologies. Lots of new fun things to play with!

  • A new technology, PHILOSOPHY, enters the tech tree and introduces the MIND BENDER UNIT that can flip any enemy unit to your team.
  • You can now upgrade your Boats to Ships and, if you are really rich, you can evolve them further into mighty BATTLESHIPS for 15 stars.
  • Added the ability to DISBAND UNITS and DESTROY BUILDINGS to the technology tree.
  • The KNIGHTS now have the ability to attack several weak units in a row, clearing the field of enemies.
  • The attack of the CATAPULTS have been balanced to provide better gameplay. [Catapult attack reduced from 6 to 4 and cost increased from 5 stars to 8 stars.]
  • You can now add COMPUTER CONTROLLED PLAYERS to Pass & Play.
  • A new MAP GENERATOR will create more diverse worlds.

1.6.2 Mar 10, 2017[]

Removed a black hole that swallowed some of the first time users (that's very rude).

1.6.1 Jan 25, 2017[]

This is a patch that solves a lot of bugs and improves performance.

  • Improved memory handling to reduce crashes.
  • Improved route calculations to minimize lag when building roads and Ports.

Fixed bugs:

  • Loading a game in the wrong tribe.
  • Some Domination games claiming you lost when you actually won.
  • Some players stop earning stars in multiplayer games.

1.6 "Myriad" Nov 30, 2016[]

The Instagram post announcing update 1.6

[In this update, Polytopia was released on Android.]

Pass & Play multiplayer with two new game modes.

Introducing the Ai-Mo tribe! They start with the Meditation technology and live high up in the mountains.

Other news:

  • UI improvements.
  • Reduced cost of Forest Temple.
  • Doubled bonus for Forge.
  • Capitals always spawn with two usable resources (if technology is available).
  • First time users can pick tribe for the intro game.
  • Reduced file size.

1.5 "Dawn" Oct 6, 2016[]

The Instagram post announcing update 1.5

The Battle between the tribes gets more intense each day and with over a million tribal leaders out there the high score obviously gets crowded. So, in this version we have created unique leaderboards for each tribe. Now all Oumaji fans can compete with each other and the Kickoo warriors can have their own little gathering in their leaderboard. There is also the all mighty collected High Score list of course to show who the real winner is.

You will now receive a 3-star rating on each game you play, and it is saved per tribe in the throne room.

I also put a tiny effort into improving the AI and the automated scout a bit (a bigger AI update will come in the future).

Last but not least, there are rumors of a new shining Easter egg...

Rest assured that we are hard at work with Multiplayer, but it is not ready for your eyes yet.

1.4.1 Aug 10, 2016[]

This is a tiny update.

  • Fixes a bug that caused some players to lose their data and purchased tribes.

If you ever lose any of your purchased tribes, just tap the "Restore purchases" button in the tribe picker screen.

1.4 "Summer" Aug 4, 2016[]

  • Introducing two new technologies: Trade & Whaling!
  • Added a brand new tribe to keep the summer alive: The Zebasi thrive on the warm savannah and are great farmers.
  • Added a new unit: Scout!
  • Option to play against all unlocked tribes at once (up to 8 opponents).

1.3 Jun 22, 2016[]

  • A new tribe has appeared! Vengir are really dark and aggressive, cast out on the unpleasant wastelands equipped with sharp swords!
  • Major UI improvements.
  • Better map generation logic.
  • Even easier easy mode.
  • [The game's name was changed from Super Tribes to The Battle of Polytopia.]

1.2 May 4, 2016[]

The Instagram post announcing update 1.2

Introducing a whole new game mode called DOMINATION!

Play without a time limit until there is only one tribe left. This tends to get really violent.

  • Larger tile graphics with more detail.
  • Really cool ambient sounds for the different biomes.
  • Improved performance, particularly if you run on a non retina display.

1.1.1 Apr 2, 2016[]

The Instagram post announcing update 1.1.1

This is just a tiny update that fixes a few bugs in the last version.

  • Patches a bug that prevented local hiscore and purchased tribes from saving correctly.
  • Fixed bug that showed wrong resource count on some games at startup.
  • Saving game properly when exiting to menu, etc.

1.1 "Bunny" Mar 23, 2016[]

The Instagram post announcing update 1.1

Introducing two new tribes! 

  • The Hoodrick starts with archery and lives in secret woods lit by the delightful afternoon sun. 
  • The Luxidoor are old world mystic upper class, riding elephants and flexing purple silk garments.

1.0.1 Feb 25, 2016[]

  • Game Center connection will sync settings and high score data between your devices.
  • Added a Video Preview