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Tribe rankings by best (still working on it)

  1. Luxidoor
  2. Bardur
  3. Kickoo
  4. Zebasi
  5. Ai-Mo
  6. Hoodrick
  7. Yădakk
  8. Imperius
  9. Quetzali
  10. Xin-Xi
  11. Aquarion
  12. ∑∫ỹriȱŋ
  13. Oumaji
  14. Vengir

NOTE: Polaris has the spawn rates of whatever tribe they are in the "biome" of, if we just gave them Imperius spawn rates like they do in mirror matches and Mixed Tribes easter-egg games, I would rank them between Imperius and Quetzali.

My fan-made tribes

I have made numerous fanmade tribes. Currently, I have made the Aetholis, Axovulcan, Arakhnia, Apisiun, and Nalitryx tribes. I have also ported the Pholyxi and Necrosus tribes to the FMT wiki, though I have not created them myself (Polysthetic did). Check out my WIP fan-made tribe guide here.

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