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Stuff about me[]

My Edits[]

Check out my tribe here, and check out my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR4B5jns3tQjdq4KphOEbAQ

Tribe Rankings (In order of favorite, not best)[]

  1. Imperius
  2. Hoodrick
  3. Bardur
  4. Vengir
  5. Kickoo
  6. Zebasi
  7. Luxidoor (I don't have them either)
  8. Aquarion
  9. Quetzali
  10. Ai-Mo
  11. Xin-Xi
  12. Oumaji

Why I Like Polytopia[]

  • I get to be the master of my own world
  • I get to explore the world
  • I like history, and in Polytopia I can create a world with its own unique history
  • I also love geography

Polytopia Milestones[]

  • March 6: Got 3 stars in domination with Vengir (never use them, that's why)

Wikia Milestones[]

  • April 5: Reached 1000 edits
  • I AM A TROLL I DESTROYED THIS WIKI (where the fuck did this come from?) (oh it's probably oumaji rider)

Midjiwan Plez Make[]

  • This http://polytopia.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:4082#5
  • A diplomacy tech that unlocks diplomats who cannot be killed while in enemy territory, and a diplomatic menu which you can ask to be allies, have a nonaggression pact, become peaceful, or declare war. Diplomats must enter opponent capitals before the diplomacy menu can appear.
  • A trade tech that unlocks "become trade partners" in the diplomacy menu and markets, where you can trade techs, troops, and resources at any market
  • An immigration tech, where you can customize city appearances by level according to unlocked tribes (eg. if i have a lvl 10 imperius city, i can choose the first level (level 1) to have an imperius look, and the second level (level 2) to have an oumaji look, etc). Immigration might also allow you to change the look of trees and animals
  • A tourism tech where you can build parks that increase star production ONLY when you are NOT at war. They also have to be connected to roads and built in connected cities.
  • Please make tribes more diversified, such as tribe specific techs or units (of course, balance first).
  • New methods of increasing populations, maybe like public structures.
  • An option of buying land would be really cool. If you buy land, it would be added to any nearby city of your choosing. You can either buy neutral land (a bit cheaper) or enemy land (expensive)
  • New tribes (perhaps one with an urban city look)
  • A tribe that lives in a swampy environment (and maybe even a new terrain type: swamp!). They should start with sailing
  • A tribe that lives in a volcanic wasteland with lots of metal and farmland but like no trees, fruits, or animals. They should start with mining
  • Different kinds of tribes, such as settled, barbaric, and non human
  • Barbaric tribes that don't start out with a city and instead start out with troops that you must use to either capture villages or conquer enemies
  • Different building looks for different tribes (of course, only if you have time)