Hello! I am the Wiki Representative for this community. I am here on behalf of Fandom, to assist the community, help it grow and thrive, and act as a liaison between you and full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have an issue or question related to this wiki (editing, templates, wiki design, or any other matters related to Fandom), please leave me a message, and I will assist in any way I can.

About me:

I have been a Wikia / Fandom editor since 2006, and a member of Fandom's Community Council since 2017. Since 2019, I've also been acting as a Wiki Manager / Wiki Representative on behalf of Fandom.

I believe in keeping articles clear, organized, up-to-date and thorough. I have spent much time customizing wiki features using the theme-designer, CSS, JS, and serving communities in administrator roles, so I am happy to offer support/advice to any who ask.

I am always open to discussion, so feel free to contact me on my talk page/message wall for any of the wikis to which I contribute!

Note: I typically do not accept random friend requests on Discord. If we don't have any servers in common and you are unable to DM me, please leave me a message here on Fandom first, so I know whose friend request to accept.

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