Hi! I'm TheWikiSurfer!

I do Polytopia comp. news and stuff.

I bet you $1,000,000 you can't guess what my logo is.



TheWikiSurfer board o' modesty.

Got 3 stars in crazy mode domination W/ Vengir

Beat crazy 5 with Zebasi

Use Ai-Mo no attacks strategy on easy. (This is actually easier then it's said to be)

Killed 231 Deadly Energizer Bunnies

3 stars with Ai-Mo in perfection

Dominated 11 rounds of pass and play

296 in-game allies made


1 Edit: ✅

10 Edits: ✅

100 Edits ✅

1000 Edits

10,000 Edits

100,000 Edits

1,000,000 Edits

1,000,000,000 Edits


My Tribe:

IMG 0235.JPG

The Mighty Kleptoro


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