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Lest We Forget

Let us all remember:

The tragic stories that never came to light, obscured by tales of glory and victory.

The unmarked graves that lie forgotten, that somebody once loved and cherished.

That not all war casualties are among the dead.

= = = =🍁HAPPY CANADA 150!🍁= = = =

About Me

Wikia Bureaucrat, Retired Official Discord Moderator, Retired Official Subreddit Moderator, Polytopia Beta team member, owns all tribes. Proud Zebasi, HQ'd in Canada. Likes Customs Houses, hates catapults although he acknowledges they are useful.

My Polytopia Wish List:

Midjiwan Claus pls make

  1. Map editor/Bigger Maps!!!!
  2. Nerf Battleships
  3. UTOP in a Polytopia 2
  4. Synergy Techs
  5. Nerf Battleships
  6. Actual in-game challenges + scenarios
  7. Better Bunny AI so they don't kill each other
  8. A good ranged unit to counter Battleships
  9. Buff Crabs
  10. Game renaming readded
  11. Nerf Battleships

Already implemented:

  • AI in Pass&Play
  • Aztec Tribe
  • Online Multiplayer
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