aka Zeb

Fire Dragon Giant
  • I live in Canada
  • My occupation is Polytopia Wikia Admin and Bureaucrat, Polytopia Discord Moderator (retired), Polytopia Alpha Tester and Steam Beta tester.
  • I am Male

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Lest We Forget

Let us all remember:

The tragic stories that never came to light, obscured by tales of glory and victory.

The unmarked graves that lie forgotten, that somebody once loved and cherished.

That not all war casualties are among the dead.

= = = =🍁HAPPY CANADA 150!🍁= = = =

About Me

Wikia Bureaucrat, Official Discord Moderator, Official Subreddit Moderator, Polytopia Beta team member, owns all tribes. Proud Zebasi, HQ'd in Canada. Likes Customs Houses, hates catapults although he acknowledges they are useful.

My Polytopia Wish List:

Midjiwan Claus pls make

  1. Map editor/Bigger Maps!!!!
  2. Nerf Battleships
  3. UTOP in a Polytopia 2
  4. Synergy Techs
  5. Nerf Battleships
  6. Actual in-game challenges + scenarios
  7. Better Bunny AI so they don't kill each other
  8. A good ranged unit to counter Battleships
  9. Buff Crabs
  10. Game renaming readded
  11. Nerf Battleships

Already implemented:

  • AI in Pass&Play
  • Aztec Tribe
  • Online Multiplayer

Cool Milestones


February 11: Just starting off, can't wait to begin my adventure!

March 2: Hooray! 100 Edits!

March 5: 150 edits

March 11: Hit 200 edits on my 1-month anniversary here!

March 22: 250 edits

March 28: Tried the beta myself for the first time! Loving the new features!

March 31: 300 edits

April 5: 350 edits

April 7: 400 edits. UTOP. Too hard. To resist. Send help

April 13: 450 edits

April 15: Woohoo! 500 edits! Halfway to quad digits!

April 26: 550 edits. Also Aquarion hype

April 28: 600 edits. Next Stop: Passing Sebom

May 1: 650. Getting into gear

May 3: Hit 700 because of Technology continuity issues. (It's Tier One, Two and Three people WITH CAPS)

May 3: Passed Sebom! I am now officially the user with the 2nd most edits!

May 8: 750! Three Quarters of a Thousand achieved!

May 12: 800, just after my 3-month anniversary! That's roughly... 8.7 edits every day. Well then.

May 15: 850 edits

May 19: 900 edits. Mostly Forum comments. Entering the final stretch before 1K!

May 25: 950 edits. Fixing up some debate over Technology Orientations

June 7: WE DID IT! 1K THANKS TO ALL THE NEW AQUARION INFO! Luvin' the crabs <3

June 12: 1050 edits. Could I possibly pass Oaskldk as well? For now, it's just wishful thinking, but maybe...

July 8: 1100 edits

August : 1135. It's close enough.

Sept 16: 1150ish edits

Sept 22: 1200 edits. We've come so far...

Sept 28: 1250 edits. 1/8 of way to 10k (impossible dream)

Oct 17: 1300 edits

Nov 2: 1350 edits. Almost top editor...

Nov 7: 1400 edits. Actually not really, Oask has 2k

Nov 11: 1450 edits.

Nov 22: 1600 edits. Kinda skipped a few milestones, whoops...

Dec 18: 1750 edits kind of almost ish


Jan 18: 1850 edits and ADMINISTRATORSHIP YAHOO

Jan 19: 1900 edits. Clean up time!

Jan 24: Hey look 2k edits! Wow!

Jan 24: Passed Oaskldk (2,010 edits) to become the TOP EDITOR ON THE WIKIA!!!

Feb 5: Got bored of keeping track. Kinda vain, anyway.

Feb 11: One Year!

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