"Frowned upon by the other tribes and pushed into the unpleasant wastelands. Will they tolerate this injustice or rise to fight back?"
The Vengir tribe is the eighth of the 15 tribes in the game, and starts with the Smithery technology and has a Swordsman as its starting unit.


Vengir has ++metal, +farm, --fruit, --fish, and --game.

Vengir fruit
Vengir forest
Vengir game
Vengir mountain


  • Fruit: Thxando Shroms (pruple mushrooms)
  • Land: Black soil
  • Forests: ash trees
  • Animals: Rhino-pigs
  • Mountains: Black spikes
  • Cities: Dark grey buildings with purple, pointed roofs.
  • Helmet: Spiky silver helmets.
  • Color: White


Vengir tribe day
  • Tribe Day 2019: Celebrations in Vengir cities aren’t much like the other tribes. Instead of parties and parades, the Vengir see it as a time to mourn by singing dirges, adorning their faces with sorrow paint, and performing elaborate tragic plays.
  • Web Shop: The Vengir's favourite brew is Ashtree brandy, made from the leaves of the Vengir's trees.
  • Web Shop: Few Polytopians that encountered a Rhino-pig in the wild ever encounter anything else again. And ending your life in the sewers of these smelly beasts is not a recommendable way to go. For some odd reason they do to love to carry around fearless Vengir soldiers on their backs, both during wartime and festivals.
  • Web Shop: When Rhino-Pigs are born, the are grey as ash, but since they are fed with vast amounts of Thxando-shrooms from birth, they turn purple over time. Sadly, the Thxando-shrooms are poisonous, and very few Rhino-Pigs reach adulthood.
  • Vengir Hostage

    The Instagram post showing Vengir holding Midjiwan hostage

    Instagram: WE — THE VENGIR TRIBE — DEMAND TO BE PART OF THE GAME!!! We ALSO DEMAND A 1.000 LIKES to show that YOU ALL agree or we will FEED this juicy HOSTAGE — MR MIDJIWAN — TO OUR HUNGRIEST RHINO-PIGS!!! For too long we have been PUSHED OUT by the other weakling tribes into the dark barren wastelands we now call home. TO BE FORGOTTEN?? WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!! How long will the Vengir tribe be IGNORED?? Give us A CHANCE TO FIGHT and REVENGE THIS INJUSTICE!! VENGIR LIVES!!! VENGIR LIVES!! VENGI
  • Vengir Pinky

    The Instagram post where the Vengir cut off Midjiwan's left pinky

    Instagram: VENGIR LIVES. Finally A 1000 LIKES to support our REVENGE! But since you were slow like DRUNK TURTLES to click like, we just had to feed Mr Midjiwans left pinky (who uses those anyway? Ah, for caps lock maybe) to our rhino-pigs or they would have doubted our authority. It seems his pathetic PROMISE to give US – THE VENGIR – away for FREE to get more likes, might go into effect this Friday the First of July in your calendar, or as it from this day on always will be remembered in the black lands — PINKY DAY. Now breach out into the world, use the glorious swordsmen wisely and make us proud. LONG LIVE VENGIR. 
  • Instagram: TODAY WE FEAST in the black lands – July 1st is PINKY DAY. One year ago today we took Mr Midjiwans pinky. HA HA! LONG LIVE VENGIR!! 


The Vengir start off with one Swordsman, and can create a second one on Turn 0. The Swordsman gives a huge advantage over other tribes during the early rounds if you spawn near tribes. In 1v1 domination games, the Vengir can win games without losing a single unit.

However, the Vengir can easily lose momentum as their native territory has very few resources apart from farms. This means you must quickly capture neutral and enemy villages to get more income. Be careful though, as more villages captured means higher tech prices, as well as more enemies that will find you.

Strategies Against Vengir

In the early rounds, a neighbouring Vengir can pose a huge threat due to their superior troops. However, there are ways to survive an early Vengir attack:

  • City walls: By increasing your city defence with a wall, you may be able to buy yourself some time before Vengir is able to siege your city, or eventually stall them until you have better units to fight them with. Paired with Defenders, your city can become very difficult for even mid-game units to besiege. The Luxidoor start off with a city wall.
  • Don't go on the offensive: Sending a group of warriors to fight Vengir is usually a bad idea. Swordsmen outclass Warriors and will easily destroy them. This will serve only to make their units stronger as Veterans and waste your resources.

Vengir Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Vengir Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Vengir Theme

City Buildings


  • The Vengir are the only tribe that start with a Tier Three technology.
  • In 2018, Midjiwan confirmed on Discord that the Vengir were based off Mordor, a land in J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional world of Middle-earth. Before then, there was much debate over the origins of Vengir. Popular ideas included Vengir being based off a nuclear wasteland, Russia and Central Asia, or an evil fantasy realm.
  • The name ”Vengir” is a play on words from “revenge” and, more specifically, "vengeance", in sense that the Vengir tribe was pushed into the wastelands and is fighting back.
  • In the ambience playing throughout Vengir lands, an eerie static sound which plays continuously and a creature roaring in the distance can be heard.
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