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Frowned upon by the other tribes and pushed into the unpleasant wastelands. Will they tolerate this injustice or rise to fight back?
-Tribe description

Vengir is the eighth tribe in Polytopia. Vengir is a regular tribe that starts with the Smithery technology and a Swordsman unit.

Vengir is often a weak tribe due to its slow economic development. Vengir has heavily reduced spawn rates for tier one resources (those that can be harvested once a tier one technology like Organization is researched) but increased spawn rates for the many tier two resources. Therefore, Vengir has virtually no usable resources until it researches Farming or Mining. This results in a weak economy for Vengir in the crucial early-game.

However, Vengir can quickly overwhelm other tribes with Swordsmen early-game. This makes Vengir very strong on tiny maps and strong in crowded games.


Vengir has --fruit, ++crop, --game, ++metal, and --fish.

Vengir fruit.png
Vengir forest.png
Vengir game.png
Vengir mountain.png
0.1 2 0.1 2 0.1


Pushed into the wastes by their peers, the Vengir have been festering on their rage, pain, and hate for many years, waiting for the time to strike back! Armed with swords, savage Rhino-Pigs, and their fanatic adoration of combat, the Vengir have called together their war bands to take back what they deem to be theirs.
-Zoythrus on Steam

Tribe Celebrations[]

  • The 2019 Vengir Tribe Day poster

    2019 Tribe Day: Celebrations in Vengir cities aren’t much like the other tribes. Instead of parties and parades, the Vengir see it as a time to mourn by singing dirges, adorning their faces with sorrow paint, and performing elaborate tragic plays.
  • The 2020 Vengir Tribe Moon poster

    2020 Tribe Moon: Where do Polytopians go when they die? No one knows, but the Vengir believe that souls of the dead pass through the Gate of Power to Hirkthr, the Underworld. In remembrance, the Vengir celebrate the "Skull Party" here, where they pray, send offerings, and wear the skull of their favorite relative.


  • Enjoy a cup of Ashtree brandy made from the precious purple leaves of the Vengir woods. A mug will do justice to its acrid and intense flavors, but beware, do not drink and ride![1]
  • Few Polytopians that encountered a Rhino-pig in the wild ever encounter anything else again. And ending your life in the sewers of these smelly beasts is not a recommendable way to go. For some odd reason they do to love to carry around fearless Vengir soldiers on their backs, both during wartime and festivals.[2]
  • When Rhino-Pigs are born, they are grey as ash, but since they are fed with vast amounts of Thxando-shrooms from birth, they turn purple over time. Sadly, the Thxando-shrooms are poisonous, and very few Rhino-Pigs reach adulthood.[3]

Pinky Day[]

The Instagram post introducing Pinky Day[4]

The Vengir tribe held Midjiwan, the developer of Polytopia, hostage because they were "forgotten" and "ignored" by the other tribes.[5] Midjiwan was eventually freed, but the Vengir cut off his pinky and fed it to rhino-pigs. This incident is commemorated by Pinky Day, which is celebrated on (or around) July 1st.


The Vengir start off with one Swordsman, and can create a second one on Turn 0. The Swordsman gives a huge advantage over other tribes during the early rounds if you spawn near tribes. In 1v1 domination games, the Vengir can win games without losing a single unit.

However, the Vengir can easily lose momentum as their native territory has very few resources apart from farms. This means you must quickly capture neutral and enemy villages to get more income. Be careful though, as more villages captured means higher tech prices, as well as more enemies that will find you.

Strategies Against Vengir[]

In the early rounds, a neighboring Vengir can pose a huge threat due to their superior troops. However, there are ways to survive an early Vengir attack:

  • Train defenders: The Defender is a strong defensive unit that can be trained for 3 stars, after researching Level 2 Shields technology, which makes it more accessible in the early rounds. Thanks to their health and defense points, defenders can resist Vengir swordsmen and prevent them from taking over your cities
  • City walls: By increasing your city defence with a wall, you may be able to buy yourself some time before Vengir is able to siege your city, or eventually stall them until you have better units to fight them with. Paired with Defenders, your city can become very difficult for even mid-game units to besiege.
  • Don't go on the offensive: Sending a group of warriors to fight Vengir is usually a bad idea. Swordsmen outclass Warriors and will easily destroy them. This will serve only to make their units stronger as Veterans and waste your resources.


Vengir are inspired by Mordor from The Lord of the Rings. Their buildings also contain elements of Gothic architecture of the late Middle Ages.



  • Fruit: Thxando-shrooms (purple mushrooms)
  • Animal: Rhino-pigs
  • Field: Black soil
  • Forest: Ashtrees (trees with white bark and purple leaves)
  • Mountain: Black, spiky mountains
  • City: Dark grey buildings with pointed purple roofs
  • Helmet: Silver helmets with spikes

City Naming Syllables[]

ar, bu, ck, cth, dis, gor, he, im, na, nt, pe, rot, rz, st, th, tu, xas

City Buildings[]



Listen to Vengir's theme and nature sounds.

Vengir's Polytopia Music song is "Vengir Arrzck" by Nikazm Bzkkan.


  • The Vengir were based off Mordor, a land in J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional world of Middle-earth.
  • The name "Vengir" may be a play on the words “revenge” or "vengeance," since the Vengir were pushed into the wastelands and may be fighting back.
  • In the ambience playing throughout Vengir lands, an eerie static sound which plays continuously and a creature roaring in the distance can be heard.
  • Vengir is the only tribe to start with a tier three technology.
  • A Halloween event called the Vengir Skull Party changed the Vengir head to a skull version once the Gate of Power was built. The event lasted from October 29 to November 30, 2020.[6]
  • The Vengir head underwent many iterations.