Whaling is a Tier Two technology that allows Whales to be harvested. Harvesting a Whale provides 10 stars.

Whales are only visible once Fishing is researched. Whales spawn on ocean tiles only. However, Whales may occasionally spawn on shallow water tiles due to forced-spawning (see the end of this page), although this is quite rare.

Water Magic

A Whale

∑∫ỹriȱŋ has the technology Water Magic instead of Whaling. Water Magic allows Whales to be enchanted into special, powerful Navalon units at a cost of five stars.


  • Originally, there would be a cost associated with hunting a whale before receiving the 10-star reward. This cost increased with each city in a tribe's empire; eventually, the cost of hunting whales could be greater than the reward. The cost for hunting whales was removed in a later update, and hunting each whale now has no cost associated with it.
  • Midjiwan, the game developer, condemns hunting actual whales.
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