The Xin-Xi tribe is one of the 14 current tribes in the game. They are one of the original four free tribes in the game, the others being Bardur, Imperius, and Oumaji. They start off with Climbing. They resemble East Asian culture.

In-game description:

"They start their journey in the dense mountains, surrounded by beautiful cherry blossom."
Xin xin


Xin-xi fruit
Xin-xi forest
Xin-xi game
Xin-xi mountain
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  • Fruit: Persimmons
  • Land: Green fields
  • Forests: Xini Trees
  • Animals: Xini-Kai (White horse)
  • Mountains: Tall, pointy mountain with snowcap.
  • Cities: White with red upward roofs, dark wood frame
  • Helmet: Asiatic war helmet, with red spikes protruding from either side on the top
  • Color: Red

Xin-Xi Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Xin-Xi Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Xin-Xi Theme

City Buildings


  • According to the web shop, the best drink in the Polytopian world is tea made from the Xini blossom, found in Xin-Xi lands. However, these Leaves will wither immediately in the hands of whom is not protected by the Xini-kai spirit (a spirit in Xin-Xi culture).
  • In the ambience which plays throughout Xin-Xi lands, several sounds are heard. These sounds are wind blowing in the Leaves of trees and birds chirping.
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