By Yakmi1k

This tribe has simple play and a lot of things going for it, great resources and the ability to stop riders and knights from its mountain terrain. The basic thing to focus on is the opening, as this will help flesh out your economy. Starting at T0, you need to decide if you want to open with one warrior or two. If you start in the middle open with 2 warriors so you don’t get flanked and outgunned. If you are in the corner you can take a slower more economic approach with one. You want to be careful with your stars early on as if you waste them you will be stuck with useless techs until you can save 9-11 more stars. You want to have a tech that can upgrade both cities at once so you don’t have to save for tech as much. In the mid-game, you want to develop your tech path and make a giant. Use the giant and warriors to secure the villages you need or the ocean you need to dominate. In the later game you want to keep your giants healthy and kill the opponents giants. This sounds simple but holding momentum is big in this game, you want to be a force to be reckoned with at all points in the game. Because of all of your mountains there is considerable opportunity to use meditation to beef up your units. Just because Xin-xi has access to the mountain path you do not need to rush swordsmen and mind benders. For the same price you could get giants which are way beefier and make your eco loads better.


By QwertzKeyboard

Hello! This is a strategy guide for the Xin-xi Tribe, you can find more information about them on the page for them. Please remember that this is not guaranteed to get a victory, and this is a general guide, not for a particular strategy. With that being said, here is the guide:

Starting out: ≈Turns 0-5

Xin-xi do not start with a population tech so you cannot upgrade on T0, however because of climbing, they can scout out very early to find villages, ruins, water and enemies and if you find ruins, grab them if they are in a convenient location. If you have metal in your territory, go for mining and smithery, as this will help you build a decent economy going into the game. If you do not have metal in your territory, go for whatever is best e.g. fishing or hunting. Capturing a city is useful, but remember to get any techs you need beforehand. You will want to use scouting on mountains to your advantage as much as possible. (See picture below how scouting helps)

Scouting helping to discover a village

Building an army and stronger economy: ≈Turns 12-end

So now that you have a good economy, it is time to make it even better. If you went for the mining route (which is admittedly the better option) and it is looking like a *land* game, use forges to work up to a giant and get swordsmen to try and overpower your opponent(s) once you find them. DO NOT SPAM SWORDSMEN EXCESSIVELY, while good when strategically bought, they will quickly slow you down. Use them in conjunction with other units like archers and riders for most effectiveness. If it is looking like a *water* game, go for trade and sailing to get customs houses to boost your economy further. It is not advised to go for swordsmen as battleships as they are expensive, but you can use them for offensive pushes once they land from ships or boats into enemy territory. Giants and defenders are usually the best option for battleships. Again, use forges with mines to get giants. If you did not go for the mining route, focus on going down the route you did choose further. However, swordsmen are Xin-xi's strongest tool, so if possible, use them.

Xin-xi taking a more fishing and foresters approach.

That was a general guide to the Xin-xi Tribe on how to play them. Thanks for reading!

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