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The Yădakk started out as a nomadic tribe in the beautiful harsh Khalee plains. Now they are the traders of the Square, connecting their empire with impressive trade routes.
-Tribe description

Yădakk the 12th and final regular tribe in Polytopia. It starts with the Roads technology.

Yădakk is an upper-mid-tier tribe with decent resources and a useful starting technology.


Yădakk has 1.5x fruit, 0.5x forest, and 0.5x mountain.

Yadakk fruit.png
Yadakk forest.png
Yadakk game.png
Yadakk mountain.png
1.5x 0.5x 0.5x


Molded by a harsh existence through a nomadic lifestyle on the Khalee Plains, the Yădakk became merchants famed for their elaborate trade network. These jovial merchants are always ready for a good deal, great stories, and a life full of adventure.
-Zoythrus on Steam

Tribe Celebrations[]

  • The 2019 Yădakk Tribe Day poster

    2019 Tribe Day: Most Yădakk merchants do business under the banner of the Horn Trading Company, the Square’s largest trade guild. Some like to say that the HTC is the real Yădakk government, since it even has a military!
  • The 2020 Yădakk Tribe Moon poster

    2020 Tribe Moon: Despite usually being written off as simple merchants, the Yadakk invest plenty into both art and education, often building museums and schools in their trade hubs. Of course, most art and education revolve around bartering skills, desert survival, and Khamelk husbandry.
  • The 2021 Yădakk Tribe Moon poster

    2021 Tribe Moon: The Yădakk are best known for their extensive and elaborate network of roads for their many travelers. Often beginning as well-tread routes for merchant caravans and religious pilgrims, all roads are paved over by a team of road builders and every brick is blessed by a Tizjhan[note 1] priest.
  • The 2022 Yădakk Tribe Moon poster

    Treks across the harsh Khalee Plains are both dangerous and fairly boring. To keep their minds sharp, Yădakk caravans pass the time with a rousing game called 'Jikhij', a board game that forces players to use knowledge of their surroundings and encourages them to be aware of nearby food, water, and shade.


  • The Khamelk is an extremely persistent animal. From just one single Khizuz fruit it gets enough nutrition to walk for weeks in the barren Yădakk lands.[1]
  • After a long day traveling the roads of their beloved lands, every Yădakk loves to enjoy a cup of hot Khăl-iz around the stove in their yurt. This potion slightly pitches their voice in a way that makes it possible to sing the traditional chants that have been sung by their ancestors since the beginning of turns.[2]


The design of the Yădakk is inspired by the cultures of peoples living along the Silk Road, including the Turkish and Mongolian cultures.[3] This theme was inspired by the Mongol-themed fan-made tribe Moriton.[4]

The Khamelk (Yădakk animal) was inspired by Kamälgen, a monument in Midjiwan's hometown that is a cross between the camel and the moose. The name of the Khamelk is a portmanteau of the words "camel" and "elk."


Yadakk Appearance.png

  • Fruit: Khizuz (lemon)
  • Animal: Khamelk (crimson deer with antlers and humps)
  • Field: Pale tan steppes with brown soil
  • Forest: Bushy trees with no visible trunks
  • Mountain: Tall, brown, pointed mountains with snow caps
  • City: White brick frames with red or gold domed roofs and tall, spindly towers
  • Helmet: Fez with tassel

City Naming Syllables[]

ar, ark, az, ber, ez, ge, gy, kh, ki, kol, kă, mer, ol, sam, sh, st, tja, tsa, ug, urk, ül, üm, ăn

City Buildings[]




  • The initial Yădakk Forests

    The Yădakk initially had different forests.
  • Yădakk's extended theme, Saladik Ătjum, is the only one to have a music video. The music video showcases Midjiwan and Midjitone (the developer and sound designer of Polytopia, respectively) acting as the "Yădakk Orkestar" and playing several different instruments.[5]
  • Yădakk is the first tribe[6] to have a fan-made Tribe Celebration poster, with its Tribe Moon poster being created by Discord user poopmaster6000.[7]


  1. "Tizjhan" is the name of the god of the Yădakk.


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