"The Yădakk started out as a nomadic tribe in the beautiful harsh Khalee plains. Now they are the trades of the square, connecting their empire with impressive trade routes."
-Tribe description
Yădakk is the 12th and final regular tribe and the 14th overall tribe to be added to Polytopia. Yădakk starts with the Roads technology.

Yădakk is typically considered to be an upper-mid-tier tribe comparable to ∑∫ỹriȱŋ and Hoodrick since Yădakk has decent resources and a useful starting technology.


Yădakk has +Fruit, -Forest, and -Mountain.

Yadakk fruit
Yadakk forest
Yadakk game
Yadakk mountain


  • Fruit: Khizuz (pineapple)
  • Land: Pale tan steppes with brown soil
  • Forests: Bushy trees with no visible trunks
  • Animals: Khamelks (reddish-brown deer or camels with antlers)  
  • Mountains: Tall, brown, pointed mountains with snow caps
  • Cities: White brick frames with red or gold domed roofs and tall, spindly towers
  • Helmet: Fez with tassel
  • Color: Crimson


  • Yadakk tribe day
    2019 Tribe Day: Most Yădakk merchants do business under the banner of the Horn Trading Company, the Square’s largest trade guild. Some like to say that the HTC is the real Yădakk government, since it even has a military!"
  • Yadakk Tribe Moon
    2020 Tribe Moon: Despite usually being written off as simple merchants, the Yădakk invest plenty into both art and education, often building museums and schools in their trade hubs.
  • Web Shop: The Khamelk is an extreamly persistant [sic] animal. From just one single Khizuz fruit it gets enough nutrition to walk for weeks in the barren Yaddak [sic] lands.
  • Web Shop: After a long day traveling the roads of their beloved lands, every Yădakk loves to enjoy a cup of hot Khăl-iz around the stove in their yurt. This potion slightly pitches your voice in a way that makes it possible to sing the traditional chants that has [sic] been sung by their ancestors since the beginning of turns.


Yădakk can be hard to play, as they do not have a dominant resource (although fruit is the most common resource). Buy the technologies to harvest whichever resources that are most abundant. However, building Roads on Turn 0 allows Yădakk to more quickly capture a village or reach Ruins. Having Roads drastically increases the movement of Riders.

City Buildings


  • The Yădakk are a combination of Turkish and Mongolian cultures inspired by the Silk Road, as Zoythrus, the official community manager, confirmed.
  • In the ambiance playing throughout Yădakk lands, the strong wind blowing through the steppes and birds chirping are heard.
  • The Khamelks (the Yădakk animal) may be based off the Yarkand deer, a subspecies of the Red Deer that inhabits from Central Asia.
  • Initial version of Yadakk forest

    The initial Yădakk Forests

    The Yădakk initially had different forests.
  • The extended Yădakk theme Saladik Ătjum is the only extended tribe theme to have a music video. The music video showcases Midjiwan and Midjitone (who composes the music for Polytopia) acting as the "Yădakk Orkestar" and playing several different instruments.
  • The name of the Khamelk (the Yădakk animal) is a portmanteau of the the words camel and elk.
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