The Yădakk tribe is one of the 15 current tribes in the game, and the final human tribe. They start off with Roads. They resemble the Turkish/Central Asian steppe tribes along the silk road, who had both Eastern and Western influences.

In-game description:

"The Yădakk started out as a nomadic tribe in the beautiful harsh Khalee plains. Now they are the trades of the square, connecting their empire with impressive trade routes."


Yadakk fruit
Yadakk forest
Yadakk game
Yadakk mountain
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  • Fruit: Khizuz (Lemons)
  • Land: Steppe (Dry grassland)
  • Forests: Fat bushy trees
  • Animals: Khamelks (Reddish-brown camels with antlers)  
  • Mountains: Tall, brown, pointy mountains with snowcap
  • Cities: White brick frames with red or gold domed roofs and with tall, spindly tower or yurts
  • Helmet: Fez with tassle
  • Color: Crimson


The Yădakk can be hard to play, as they don't always have a sure resource to spawn (fruit tends to be most common). Like other tribes without a dominant resource, you'll want to rush whichever resource is most available. However, the Yădakk can usually get ruins on Turn 0 by building roads to one. This gives them a huge step up in the early game, as ruins are very rewarding, especially when acquired on turn 0. After you upgrade your cities a little bit and expand, it is hard to decide on a decisive military strategy. Knights or riders can be effective, as they can be combined with roads to get a huge movement boost.

Yădakk Theme

Yădakk Mjusic Video

Yădakk Mjusic Video


City Buildings


  • According to the web shop, every Yădakk, after a long journey on the roads in their lands, enjoy drinking hot Khăl-iz around the stove in their yurts. The drink pitches the drinker's voice so they can sing properly their traditional chants and songs.
  • In the ambience which plays throughout Yădakk lands, several sounds are heard. These sounds are strong wind blowing through the steppes and birds chirping.
  • The Khamelks (their "national/tribal" animal) may be strongly based off the Yarkand deer, a subspecies of the Red Deer, which inhabits/originates from Central Asia.
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