"Zebasi thrive on the warm savannah, cultivating the rich soil to provide food for their mighty population."


The Zebasi is the ninth of the 12 human tribes in the game. The Zebasi start with the Farming tech.


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Zebasi forest
Zebasi game
Zebasi mountain


  • Fruit: Waongii (Cantaloupe)
  • Land: Lime-yellow savannah
  • Forests: Acacia trees
  • Animals: Geroffy (Giraffe)
  • Mountains: Rounded, bluish at the top.
  • Cities: Round clay huts with thatched roofs.
  • Helmet: Leopard pelt
  • Color: Orange


  • Zebasi tribe day
    2019 Tribe Day: The wily Leoon, often seen in Kickoo lands, were native to the Zebasi savannahs before the Zebasi hunted them to near extinction for their pelts. Most modern Zebasi have never seen a Leoon, so they use their textile skills to manufacture replicas to honor their ancestors.
  • Zebasi Tribe Moon
    2020 Tribe Moon: M'basana Jerozi, aka the "Geroffy," was the first of many animals to be cataloged by Zebasi scholars in the Zuzanna Yaya, the Square's largest compendium of flora and fauna. Horticulture, zoology, botany, and biology are all fields of study for the curious inhabitants of Zeboya.
  • Web Shop: Geroffies are one of the tallest land animals on the Square. They take great pride in their abnormally long necks and swing their heads around to look fancy. If you don't keep your eyes open, you might get your helmet bruised.
  • Web Shop: No Zebasi would reject a cold, fresh cup of Waongii juice. The taste is very similar to watermelon, but with an even more refreshing and robust taste. Waongii plants can grow to become gigantic, and some are even large enough to provide shelter for Zebasi families after the juice has been depleted.
  • Web Shop: Polytopians all over the square envy the exquisite craftsmanship of the Zebasi weavers. They make the most stunning carpets, helmets, and also[...] handy tusi pouches.
  • Zebasi Instagram

    The Instagram post featuring the description of Zebasi

    Instagram: Growing all kinds of crops and generally chillin' in the warm breeze watching the sun set over the endless savannah. 


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Zebasi Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Zebasi Theme

The Battle of Polytopia Zebasi Theme

City Buildings


  • All profits from the sale of the Zebasi tribe are invested in solar energy products through Trine.
  • Similar to how Luxidoor "inherited" the trees that Kickoo formerly had, the Zebasi "inherited" their trees from Oumaji. Before Zebasi was added, Oumaji had the acacia trees.
  • The Zebasi helmet bears a striking similarity to the Kickoo game, but with teeth.
  • In the ambience that plays throughout Zebasi lands, birds chirping and what seems to be wind blowing through the grass (or some animal, perhaps a rattlesnake, hissing or rattling similarly to the Oumaji ambience) are heard.
  • The Zebasi fruit was changed from red watermelons to orange cantaloupes in late 2019. This was done to avoid potential concerns about racism. Midjiwan explained his reasoning for the change in a Discord message. This change was very controversial, with some complaining that the old fruit were more aesthetically pleasing and thematically appropriate.
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