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Zebasi thrive on the warm savannah, cultivating the rich soil to provide food for their mighty population.

–Tribe description

Zebasi is the ninth tribe in Polytopia. It is a regular tribe that starts with the Farming technology.

Zebasi starts with a technology that allows them to upgrade their capital immediately, although farms are slightly more expensive than upgrading with tier one economic techs (e.g. Fishing, Hunting). That being said, farms provide a much denser source of population compared to other resources, meaning less overall resources are required to get a higher population in cities. This usually means Zebasi has an easier time getting higher level cities, but keep in mind this is reliant on high farm spawn rates. Starting with a tier two tech which only leads to Construction will also set Zebasi behind their peers when researching other important techs elsewhere in the tree.


Zebasi has 0.5x forest, 0.5x mountain, and 0.5x fruit.

Zebasi fruit-0
Zebasi forest
Zebasi game
Zebasi mountain
0.5 0.5x 0.5x


Main article: Zebasi/Strategy

A lot can vary based on the number of farms/resources you have, and how your 2nd Turn looks. Having as much information as possible is crucial to deciding what to do. Move your first warrior before debating the merits of a 2nd warrior. With ruins, you can always get a 2nd warrior. If there is an unnatural abundance of forests, which happens from time to time, don't make a 2nd warrior and prepare to rush forestry/hunting. If you can afford all the tech/city upgrades you need in the upcoming turns, get a 2nd warrior.


Hailing from the land of Zeboya, the breadbasket of the Square, the Zebasi spend their days working their farms or leisurely watching the sun set on their serene savanna. A jovial and inquisitive folk, the Zebasi are always looking for new ways to understand the world around them.

–Zoythrus on Steam

Tribe Celebrations[]

  • Zebasi tribe day

    The 2019 Zebasi Tribe Day poster

    2019 Tribe Day: The wily Leoon, often seen in Kickoo lands, were native to the Zebasi savannahs before the Zebasi hunted them to near extinction for their pelts. Most modern Zebasi have never seen a Leoon, so they use their textile skills to manufacture replicas to honor their ancestors.
  • Zebasi Tribe Moon

    The 2020 Zebasi Tribe Moon poster

    2020 Tribe Moon: M'basana Jerozi, aka the "Geroffy," was the first of many animals to be cataloged by Zebasi scholars in the Zuzanna Yaya, the Square's largest compendium of flora and fauna. Horticulture, zoology, botany, and biology are all fields of study for the curious inhabitants of Zeboya.
  • Zebasi Tribe Moon 2021

    The 2021 Zebasi Tribe Moon poster

    2021 Tribe Moon: Zebasi architecture may seem simple, but is a perfect fit for the hot climate. Inspired by the mounds of Bolaza bugs, the ventilation in Zebasi structures was originally designed to keep the Royal Waongii Juice Storage cold, but now everyone can live in a naturally air-conditioned home!
  • Zebasi Tribe Moon 2022

    The 2022 Zebasi Tribe Moon poster

    2022 Tribe Moon: Farming in Zeboya is made much easier with the myriad of irrigation channels built by the Zebasi. Windmills use the power of the wind to power lifts that pull water from Lake Mozimwa into the irrigation network, keeping Waongii, Uzu, Z'nula, and other crops growing all year long!
  • Zebasi_Tribe_Moon_2023_-_The_Battle_of_Polytopia

    Zebasi Tribe Moon 2023 - The Battle of Polytopia

    The 2023 Zebasi Tribe Moon video

    2023 Tribe Moon: It's no secret that Geroffy love Waongii fruit, and this particular Geroffy is no exception. The poor Zebasi worker knew that their delicious treat was gone forever the moment it was picked up by the tall fruit bandit. Thankfully, there's plenty more Waongii out there for our little friend to snack on.
  • Zebasi Tribe Moon 2024

    The 2024 Zebasi Tribe Moon poster

    2024 Tribe Moon: Many years of selective breeding have brought us the mighty Boacacias that dot the Zeboyan landscape. While they originally provided a reasonable fertilizing effect to nearby crops, the Zebasi have engineered their leaves to be as nutritious as possible, leading to unprecedented yields every harvest.


  • Geroffies are one of the tallest land animals on the Square. They take great pride in their abnormally long necks and swing their heads around to look fancy. If you don't keep your eyes open, you might get your helmet bruised.[1]
  • No Zebasi would reject a cold, fresh cup of Waongii juice. The taste is very similar to watermelon, but with an even more refreshing and robust taste. Waongii plants can grow to become gigantic, and some are even large enough to provide shelter for Zebasi families after the juice has been depleted.[2]
  • Polytopians all over the square envy the exquisite craftsmanship of the Zebasi weavers. They make the most stunning carpets, helmets, and also[...] handy tusi pouches.[3]


The Zebasi are influenced by all of sub-Saharan Africa.[4] They are primarily based on southern African culture, as evidenced by the clay cities, multicolored tribal pattern, giraffes, and savannah environment with acacia trees.


Zebasi Appearance
  • Fruit: Waongii (cantaloupe)
  • Animal: Geroffy (giraffe)
  • Field: Yellow-green savanna
  • Forest: Baocacia tree (acacia tree)
  • Mountain: Rounded, green at the bottom but blue on the top
  • City: Round clay huts with thatched roofs
  • Helmet: Leoon (Kickoo leopard) pelt replica

City Name Syllables[]

bo, co, la, mo, wa, ya, za, zan, zim, zu

City Buildings[]



Zebasi Music
Link Description
"Zebasi Dub" By Zu Za Sound System. Published by Polytopia Music.
Anzala Skin theme.


Anzala Skin[]

The disciples of Anzala prefer the ways of art and expression over the scientific curiosity of their Zebasi siblings, and now they're here, with the Square as their canvas!

–Anzala skin description

The splash screen for the Anzala skin in the Tribe Selection menu.

The Anzala skin was added in the third skin pack for Polytopia. They wear more colorful versions of the original tribe uniforms, with pink and green accents on the headgear, and black accents on the headgear and body.

  • The field tiles are much greener, more similar in colour to Kickoo/Imperius/Xin-xi terrain than the default.
  • The animals are replaced with lions known as the Simbaza. [5]
  • The city buildings are the same as the default ones, but covered with green and pink and black accents.
  • The farms have multicoloured crops instead of just green ones.
  • Warriors and riders used a striped pink-and black club.
  • The Giant wears a pink and green cape with a gold buckle.


City Buildings[]


  • All profits from the sale of the Zebasi tribe were invested in solar energy products through Trine.[6]
  • Zebasi "inherited" its trees from Oumaji: before Zebasi was released, Oumaji had the acacia trees.
  • Zebasi fruit

    The former Zebasi fruit

    The Zebasi fruit was changed from red watermelons to orange cantaloupes in late 2019. This was done to avoid potential concerns about racism.[7] This change was controversial, with some complaining that the old fruit were more aesthetically pleasing and thematically appropriate.[8]
  • The "leader" of the Zebasi tribe is named "Bozu".